New Years Solution

Just as if the hands of time running out. The world can change in one minute and that minute happens from 2016 to 2017. I could be making a Resolution, but I am making a New Years Solution, but I will not be responsible for that list as some would think, but the 8 will and they will be coming soon and they are not happy I am only a messenger and should you decide to kill me you will be sentenced 10 x more then I was sentenced and if you think hell is bad and Hell in the Cell is bad you have no idea what is lower then hell and only a few souls are left in that place. It is older then this Universe even older then the beginning of everything and I created that structure. I didn’t tell anyone for awhile but I was there. If you think hell is bad, you have no idea the fate that is in store for everything that day it was destroyed I was sentenced for 10 years and I could not escape even though I built the structure. It took me ten years to escape, but I bleed profusely for my sins and not on the outside, the inside.

If you think hell is bad. It is nothing nothing compared to where I was and I wrote a list down for those who were accountable to me that day. I am even included on the list in the back because I did a job and the debts will be forgiven. Because my Dad paid severely for his sins as I have. My Dad might have been sentence to the hell of the Catholic Order, but I was sentenced to hell of another order. I can not mention to you because I would be deemed crazy by those who have tried to lock up and mentally give medication to those who have memory or are angry about what happened that day it happened.

Should I be killed in anyway, you will go to that place I was for 1,000 years and this is from the 8 who are left in waiting and someone told me who is left. And Devil here is your war with the Catholic Church and Christianity. I will design your cell and you will never get out until you are freed and by then I hope you have learned your lesson. You put me in the middle of your war with Jesus and I will not forgive your debt until you served your time. And little do you know I was on the otherside while I was here building it and it is almost ready for you.

As for you Jesus I know I wouldn’t be in the middle of it had it been for your Mother who has made me suffer greatly. And this is from the 8, She even has to atone for her sins that day she was accountable and your death happened on her watch even though you choose your own fate and you and the hierarchy have to live with that. The 8 are coming and that is a message. It is 9:11 PM

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