Horrible Service at Verizon Store

People at the Verizon Store were not understanding of my situation. They thought of me as a thug with a hood and they yelled at me saying they could give me change for a $100 bill and they said they just opened. This is not service they should give you cash and be fair and understand rather then yelling at you and saying they are not ready.

I was forced early to make a payment in one hour for money I didn’t have in the bank. This was supposed to be my Christmas money from my parents and I lost it due to paying a bill. I have always honored my debts with them in the past except recently I have had trouble. Many times I was spending money with change and pennies to pay with things it has been a rough year and for them to force me it is an insult to injury.

I have been loyal to them for 12 years and since they are not loyal to me and showing their disdain and not treating me fair. I will take me and my friend with me and we will jump ship to AT&T if we have to. You and your fucking contracts. We should not be tied into something when every company allows you to jump. I don’t know what contract I negotiate, but I do know that they should give you respect no matter what you look like and honor what you say and as a counselor I know how to treat people. They need to take counseling classes or something because I had an issue that needed to be handled respectively.

As a result, I was lucky to ask my Dad who gave money in exchange for the $100 that he gave me for Christmas that I had to give him back for the change which he helped me out. That money he gave me out of his hard earned work my Dad sacrificed for that money not for a debt that I owe and he is still working almost at the age of 75 with bad arthritis in his hands. That money was for me for what I have to do for Orion. And just because you will not cooperate with me or my family who are in a need to resolve our family problems in order to resolve our differences.

YOU ARE ON THE LIST and you know what list I’m talking about, just be glad you are not number 1. This matter will be resolved one way or another. Those who have hurt me and my family suffers because of it, their sins will not be forgotten and the debt won’t be forgiven and I have all of existence to collect that debt.

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