The List: Thank You Chris Jericho and Arrow: The Nature of Debts

It seems as if everyone has a list nowadays, but I was thinking of a list that I have amongst the money I owe or they owe me. I know it is supposed to be where you resolve debts from the old year, but I have a lot of debt that I have not repaid and that other people have debts to repay me.

In Wrestling Chris Jericho had a list and it was joked about and in the Show Arrow he had a list to cross. Everybody has a list rather its an ex friend, an ex girlfriend, women who took advantage of you kindness, or people you mistreated. As my list is filled with many and it is just as the weary head of karma we all pay. And I will make up for my sins and debts next year as others will repay their debts rather they like it rather they know it or not.

Debts need to be repaid even my debt. The fact is we can not change our lives until matters are resolved in our lives and debts are fulfilled.

The wrongs that we have done to others are governed by law and they will not be forgotten or forgiven unless the debt is paid off. It is why my Dad has worked aimlessly to pay his debts and I respect him for it. Despite what everyone says about him he is a very good man and it is me that is forever in his debt not the other way around. A lot of their suffering has been because of me and I apologize. I will do you proud and make it right.

Even though I won’t deal with family matters and repair all the damage that has been done to us. I will start by repairing the damage with that list and these are the people who have hurt me, but also have hurt my family and have held vendetta’s against me and have taken my money.

Mark my words all of these debts will be honored even my own will be honored. Honor will be restored in this world even if it starts with one person.



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