Pentecost on Christmas: My Family Blessing

It is known that Easter is affiliated with the birth of the Church and there was a story of someone who prayed and put two pennies left that she had in the collection bin. They looked at her funny because they wondered why she would pay in pennies and that it would be small. Jesus said any amount is good and something small is as good as something big any little bit will count.

I have been broke for the good part of the year in some cases I had to humble myself and pay in pennies. This Christmas I went to St. James Church in Woodbridge at Christmas Mass just to honor the birth of the Lord. I don’t go often as I used to, but I have had my debates over God and the Devil where I was at odds with both of them and I suffered this year and suffered greatly. Nobody knows I was going to a diner called The Reo Diner and paying in pennies and change for items because I could not afford it.

I later went over to the Menlo Park Diner where someone who no longer works there named Dimitri had helped me. Not a lot of people were accepting, but he understood how tough it was because he said he was lucky to just pay in change. It is not easy now. He taught me about life and help me appreciate something that I didn’t have before. That is why I will look out and help the people who help me out and give back to them even if they are struggling I might be poor the time, but I was taught that you have to give to help out.

This Christmas, I wanted to payback, I needed the gift for the Church and most of my gift was in pennies praying for change in life and lots of it. In away I felt my parents and family needed a blessing. This year I sold the engagement ring because my an my ex split and now that Christmas is over I know there is no chance of reconciliation and it is time to move on which I have done. I need lots of positive change in my life to feel like a winner in life once again. It is why I am picking All Cleveland teams as my favorite even the Cleveland Browns.

But I left two pennies behind. I didn’t know why, but I did. We finished the service and then my Mom at around 10 AM the start of the other mass realized she lost her Wedding Ring. My parents have been married for 40 + years  and that ring meant something to my parents and family. I ran, drove and went to Church and prayed for a miracle and prayed that My mom would find her ring. and I went where people were sitting and it was time for collection went over to the seat and then left the two pennies in the basket that were left over and I left the two coins there and left.

I walked and talked to Angelica outside the church to tell her what happened.

I went home and then as I was telling what happened my mom was by her pocketbook and she found her wedding ring. And for some reason I was thinking of Mother Angelica bizarre. It might be a miracle.

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