Gearing Up for the Royal Rumble

To mention what I was talking about yesterday, the birth of change and it started yesterday. Winter up to Spring is my favorite time of year. After Christmas is New Years. It is where the world resets itself. Even though the change starts around December 21, 2016.

After New Years, it the Road to WrestleMania and it starts at the Royal Rumble. Their is something magic about the Royal Rumble and I remember it when I was a kid. It is my favorite Pay Per View of the year.

With 30 contestants and the surprises that come in, I always gear up for the surprises. One year there was outrage over the outcome because many felt Daniel Bryan should have been in the Rumble, but wasn’t.

They Pushed Roman Reigns when it was Dean Ambrose’s year, but Seth shocked them all and won the Rumble.

Last Year it was no doubt that it was Roman’s Year. This year it is Seth’s Year, but the year can change as we all know. And the road begins at WrestleMania. We will see who will have a good year.

This year was AJ Styles for the taking, there is no doubt it was his year, but a year meets challenges. Some wrestlers rise, some fall and some emerge. It is the playoffs in Wrestling, there have been debated eras on what is the best, but this is new era that was started with The Shield, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

I’m personal looking to see what stars rise and fall. Some have had a good year, but others haven’t and times will change once again.

Times will change, but that’s the beauty of it 2016 wasn’t a bad year in wrestling, but what they are going to pull in 2017 will be great. 2015 was a rough year there were a lot of energies, but the younger wrestlers and vets stepped up to the plate. It is changing and I’m looking forward to 2017 in wrestling. I will be looking forward to my favorite time of the year. I want to see who will be number 1 and 2 and number 29 and 30. I was happy to see AJ Styles enter the Rumble last year even though it wasn’t my year, it was his.

There will be new talent and there will be the person who will fight for the WWE Championship and I would love to see and AJ Styles and Seth Rollins match fight for the title that Seth never lost in the first place, He said, “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim and he will reclaim his prize this year.

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