Feeling the Change of the New Year Early

Usually December brings the trends for the New Year. It starts a feeling of what might take place in the New Year. Change can be very daunting and this year I’ve been through a lot of change. But some change can be refreshing especially going to a new place at least a place that you haven’t heard of before.

I have been going to this place in Edison, NJ The Coffee House for about 4 years and through those years I have seen up and downs. I may have gone to Starbucks on Route 1 a few times, and I enjoy the coffee house, but things have changed. I go there alone after the breakup and I have regained my focus through many things I have done this year, but my feelings have changed. Not because the newness wore off or it is business as usual, but the feel that was there that I felt was gone. I guess going to a place for awhile you feel that way. You feel that it has effected you and has affected how you feel about things.

It has been more then 8 months since the breakup and a lot has changed and when I come to this place that was there before only named something else, it reminds me of how I used feel and feeling a newness of a place and the liveliness that I once had felt. And I feel it is officially time to move on and leave that past behind me.

The place is called Cai’s Café in Metuchen, New Jersey. It is an Independent Coffee House. Even though I might not make the trip all the time, I might start to come here and go here more. I like the feel of the atmosphere. It reminds me of how I felt before when I had that feel for the newness and beauty of life.

Change is always good. You feel life again and it feels good. I feel life is changing around me and I am enjoying doing overnights as I am able to go out at night and enjoy myself and go to places such as Cai’s Café.

Just as I have said trends are set in the New Year before the New Year. And as the change comes and sets the tone for what will take place in the New Year, I prepare for the change. I prepare to enjoy life once again. And when 2016 is over I plan on leaving the rest of the year behind me as I am ready for a change that is starting to take place. And it is a birth as it is the Winter Solstace today, which means that change is upon us. And change helps enhance the creative mind and carries them through the new challenges of what needs to be done in life.

Creativity happens with change. Nothing can always remain the same or it will get stagnant and you can change your environment and feel good and maybe change it up and give it a fresh look and keep things moving. And keep things fresh and alive. It is usually in the Spring I do this, but I am doing this now. As change is upon us, what was old has died out and it is a sign of things to come as it is born again. It is this day on the longest night of the year that things turn around and things are rebuilt again.

I have talked about rebuilding since September, but in a period where everything was dying, but I fought to grow again despite going through the darkness on some dark days of Summer and I have grown.

Today I grow again and feel good about life, my Spring this year will be my Winter and I will appreciate life once again. And as the season comes we all are ready to rebuild once again.

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