My Overlook on the Roller Coaster Known as Love

Love has got to be the ultimate Paradox. When you don’t think about it, it comes naturally. When you obsess about it, it goes away. And when you go through relationship problems, it affects you.

Friends will warn you to not make the same mistakes as they have, but we wind up making the same mistakes anyway.

My wording this year was debated this year about the idea of making a mistake. Mistakes could ruin lives and should have thought of that along the way. This year I have been in self pity about my situation as I have dealt with my breakup myself and I tried to bounce back and fought as we all do.

We all fight back in the name of love rather it’s a chance to salvage something that is broken and repair a heart that doesn’t want to function properly. But in love we go through rehab. Some of us retreat after we faced defeat. Some of us wish we had time with that love again. Some of us move on with the hopes they could find love in someone when your vision of love is distorted.

Love is a roller coaster because it is based on human emotions. The other person falling in love with you and you fall for them afterwards as has done through history. We only pray our heart is strong enough not to break. And many of times as this year has showed for everyone our hearts were broken in 2016.

This has been a rough year and many rode the roller coaster and we didn’t have it easy. But through the chaos a new way of life was formed. We are headed towards the future as we pass into the future, we hope to take what we learned and grow from it afterwards.

I go with the flow nowadays and let things come to me. As for love and every aspect of life, it will be rebuilt on every foundation. We are broken and we have faced turmoil every area as we try to find ourselves and move on. We are on a path to rebuild our lives on a war that will tear us apart and many are so far gone their lives will not be repaired.

With love and life sometimes we have to dig in deep and claim if its worth it. We may have been broken bad, but things and worth fighting for before its to late. Nothing is to late, we can change our minds in life and fight for what we want. We could fight knowing that what was destroyed was destroyed. Our like me rebuild and start another life.

Love takes many stories and deception plays a role when trust is broken. But it’s a matter of fighting for what you want. It fighting for what you believe even if the cause is lost. Basically you do what your gut tells you and go with whomever you feel is right. Yeah, their is a chance we might lose with our decision, but we can learn valuable lessons from them. And sometimes we have to go on our feelings and make those decisions because it is hard to make. It might sting, but you could live in regret or take a chance at falling apart and facing ourselves. In away we have to face our own worse enemy to make peace in this world.

We have to face that chance and trust as hard as it maybe, for anyone who doesn’t believe me, We have been doing that since the beginning. Lets embrace our challenges. Go on what our heart says. In the summer my heart was telling me warning signals, but I denied it. Now I face the challenge of life and love by just working on myself because when we care for ourselves things come naturally. Some may wonder what my early posts were earlier in the year. I disagree with half of it now. Lets face love and rebuild it. We all will have healing and it is needed. Many can’t deal with themselves and face collapse and destruction, but it’s willing for that fight and go through hell. You will find what you are looking for.

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