Take Me Or Leave It: I’m Wolfman Joe

For you who thought I’m still upset about the past and living in my past and hung up or thinking about who I used to be. Our wondering the BS I was spreading during about relationships, self love or First Amendment Rights. Something I believe not because I give a damn about the protesters, but I give a damn what I say. And I have as Enzo would say Haters. And you have always hated on me putting me down or wondering if “I’m okay” Understand this a Wounded Wolf is at their strongest when they are at their weakest.

And I’ve been a Lone Wolf at times because I’m Wolfman Joe. And I’ve always been Wolfman Joe. And yes I run with my Pack and I have them around. Even though we disagree we band together. Thanks to my true friends who helped me understand my identity, thank you.

For those who were never there and for those who just worry about me. Take Me or Leave It. I don’t need your approval to write what I write. I don’t need someone saying I’m high when I’m a heavy dosage of medication that nearly killed me. And I was treated Psychiatrically for it. Fuck you Doctor. Had I not gone the third time they would have not picked up on the fact that I was overdosed with Levothroxine 25 MG. And this is for those who thought I was high when talking about Winston Churchill.

But I’ve been living poor all time since Summer and only 3 people including my Parents who I am grateful for had bailed me out of my jam. The rest left me rot. Two friends especially bailed me out when I ran out of gas and was at the gas station.

You find out who your friends are.

All of you who would not even check on me when I was down. I will remember that. One of my long term goals is to open up a store next to JC Penney in Woodbridge Center and I am going to wipe the floor with them. My company will do better business wise. I don’t want to put them out, but I want to have a better company then them. And I will take those who stuck by me through my problems and were on the dock and I’m going to create an even better company then JC Penney. A company that respected the true Golden Rule and not the bastardized version that exists now. My goal of the company is every spot where their is a JC Penney there will be a Joseph Evaldi & Company.

I know you might say that is impossible, but I will not forget what a manager did to me one time when I was really struggling and told me a few years ago that I had better find another job and didn’t care if I was poor and struggling to pay my bills or exist at the time. And all except my friends worry about me or consider what I am going to do as a joke. I will say this whatever I say I am going to do I do. And I will redistribute the wealth and help those who are in financial crisis. There will eventually be a wellness program down the line. I know my current company that I am with has helped me out and has look out for my best interested and have understood my problems.

So Take Me or Leave It. I have unsolved business and I have not forgotten about you and how you tried to through me out and force me to quit having me work 12 hours. Well I decided that I am going to be my own boss and I am going to make and work as many hours as I want and you are not going to say I could only work 6 Hours when I am capable and talented to do a lot more. But that company will never know and I am going to do it with my talented people.

It all starts with a Vision and a Plan and this Plan will Succeed.

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