Joseph Evaldi & Company and Update for December 1, 2016

What I have here is the design of the brand new company of mine. For many years and failed attempts we finally found a name and Identity to the Company. It is Joseph Evaldi & Company.


Under the Umbrella of Joseph Evaldi & Company we will feature the latest in a new style of fashion, mugs and cups, and other items.

Also, the company will feature greeting cards and we will work on original sayings on cards and designs.

Joseph Evaldi & Company has shifted it’s focus to art and design. This world is going through turmoil and instead of complaining about the world which me and many have. We are going to do something to cement our role in the world. The designs are original and art has a place in society and it is not forgotten.

This world has many creative people and we want to have our creativity show. This company will create a new fashion that is needed in this world. Our line of fashion through t shirts, sweatshirts, and with men, women and children clothing will create something that could feel cool about wearing and not embarrassed.

This December 2016 report as is the last year, a new passion was found in me. I have always liked art and now I combine that talent and add it into art form.

Art is a way of life and it should be how we should feel good about the clothes we wear or the cards we read.

This is an unanticipated change, but I have a good feeling of it. I will be busy in the coming months. We will do great things for our community. I know their are several thousands of clothes lines out there, but I will make sure mine company is unique and different. We will have original sayings and slogans. They won’t be generic.

The wolf being in the logo represents a symbol of hard work and persistence and howling to the company or the pack. My nickname in High School has been Wolfman Joe and now it has come full circle as the logo of the wolf is represented in this logo. My friend suggested I use this logo and I drew it.

The Wolf is our symbol. The Wolf at night. For anyone who has been a night owl or a wolf that has cried out for their pack to be there. Their pack never lets them down. Their pack has driven them to succeed. Their pack takes them to new heights.

There have been other names of Wolf Packs and each one was different and this one is unique in it’s way. We are hunters by nature and we will hunt our ways to new ideas and design artwork until we make it to the top.

Some say this is ambitious and it is, but we will create excellence and excellence in a brand that will give you satisfaction. No one knows what we will create and it will be a surprise.

This is the element of life that will keep life how it is.

Joseph Evaldi & Company will provide that innovation and we will be better than that American Living Brand that came out from JC Penney’s.

We are an online business now, but as we grow, our company will go to new heights. December 1, 2016 is the Launch Date for Joseph Evaldi & Company and as we approach 2020, it will be the staple company for design as we approach the The Golden Age.

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