Every Day is Better Then the Last

Your situation will improve no matter how bad it is in life and every day will be better then the last. This is what I have been telling myself everyday. I could be pessimistic and I have been this year. I have been through a storm or several storms this year, but I keep on telling myself that every day is better then the last.

Through that time I have rebuilt myself. Financially it is better then the next. I have more time free. I am reading a little bit more then I have. I’m working more and I am exercising again after years.

All of what has been destroyed has been rebuilt from the rubble, but there still is more rebuilding to as in life, but this is financial. This is where I will take the tips from my books Budgeting: How to Save Your Money and Saving: How to Save Your Money? And this is the time of year to think about it.

Financially I didn’t take the advice of my books this year, but I have developed a few new tips this year. I am thinking about starting an Emergency Fund next year and I’m thinking about spending less then I make.

  1. Emergency Savings Fund: With an Emergency Savings Fund you can slowly put money aside so just in case any Emergency situation your money will be there. You won’t be broke when a car breaks down or you have something else breakdown and you need cash.
  2. Spending less then you make: This is a tip I should of took awhile ago and that is stash a few dollars away and not spend it. This develops better habits, discipline and having money when you need it.
  3. Don’t beat yourself if you pass your budget: Sometime we beat ourselves up over the simplest things and even finances. We spend to much and wind up broke and we feel bad about ourselves and life. Don’t do it. Don’t do that to yourself. Think of a way to feel good and if you spend less reward yourself at the end of the month so you know you are doing good for yourself.

Steps like this will make you think this day is better then the last. I didn’t take these tips this year and I paid for it. But I’m not beating myself up anymore as the Highwaymen said, “I ride again.” And no matter how defeated we are with our finances. We will ride again. And little increment steps and your life will improve.

It doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot we have to do in life and things will need to be rebuilt. But just think one day is better then the last. With this philosophy you could overcome your demons. You can face whatever dilemma in life you can and if you overcame hell, maybe you will get a slice of heaven. Just don’t put yourself through misery and pain.

I know there are people who believe differently and everything is different for others. Just know we are all at different stages at life and we all face different challenges whatever we face and we all go through hell no matter what we face. It’s just I cling on for that slice of heaven.

Image by Frank Park from unsplash.com


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