Mid November 2016 Report

Normally I would have done a report in December 2016, but this month has taken a mind of it’s own and now the country including me are political after Election Day and I much rather take a stance that somebody said talking about assholes and Politicians. And that person had to be more sane than any of us crazies solving problems that may never get fixed. We have to solve our own problems and if not we will be screwed as my friend would say.

I said I wouldn’t be political and what did I do I went and became political. And I believe they are still protesting. It must be the super moon. Well I’m tired of fighting, much rather be fighting for more bathrooms…lol.

I’m not going to dwell on the past. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to get back on track. As all of us should.

I will discuss more Business, Money, and Self Help topics. Also I will throw a piece with Wrestling in there it could be past and present. Wrestling has been an interest for a long time and I am going to incorporate a change.

I am not going to release anything new next year unless I develop it. In other words I have no plans on writing another book. I will try to gain exposure for some of my other Kindle books that are on the shelf.

I am going to work on restructuring my marketing for next year. I feel these topics best represent me and as I have been struggling financial or business wise, I will hope to share my knowledge as I grow through the struggle of life. This is the direction that I will head in. And this will be the future of where Joseph Evaldi will stand as far as the company.

Image by William White from Unsplash.com

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