Staying Far Away From World Politics

I’m going to say one thing do I believe in 3 Million people being incarcerated or sent out no, but do I believe in a screening process, yes, but we wont solve our problems just create new ones.

Besides that I’m stepping away from discussing politics it is too much. It seems as if I discuss one point I am offended someone else or raising more issues that need to be solved. This is the world that we are living in.

Bottom line, we can never make anyone happy we either hurt someone’s feelings or upset people. There is hate in this world and I am not going to be in the crossroads of this debate. I know we need to change a lot but I’m moving on to other stuff.

I’m going to take a break from posts or blogs no matter how hard it is to keep away. I might make a post here or there, but I have other stuff that I want to do than just argue my view. My words have been said and it can be debated or not. I have views and I’ve got to stand to those views and with anything in life they can change.

Talking about your view tires you. With that being said, it’s time to focus on other stuff. As much as I have been opinionated now it is time to regroup and recharge as all of us will face. Lets live to fight another day.

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