I was ready to write another blog about my views and everything else, but a wave of peace came over me. Knowing that we will be alright. I feel a feeling of peace and all that is right with the world. It’s a scary thought, but we including me are venting now. It doesn’t matter what side your on right, left or in the middle as many of us. We are just releasing emotions that need to be released. It is a cleansing process. We have not been permitted to release and we need to. It makes this country stronger and makes us feel better as a country.

We have all been hurting or we have been neglected many of us. And that hurt has been there for awhile. And I vented like crazy the past few days. Just showing my views online just as many Americans have done through the country.

Let us heal as a nation and when a nation is infected and needs healing we can’t permit anyone to come in unless we heal our problems. It is nothing against race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, but we are all hurting and not matter rich, poor or middle class, working poor.

We have all took a hit and we are all suffering and all of these views from the past are coming up and we don’t know how to handle it. Sure Donald said all those things, but it’s the people who supported him who said it also and spoke for many issues.

When a country is infected with a disease, you don’t let a foreign body in and this means any race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation and not discriminating against them, but they are a foreign body and from another country or countries.

Until we understand about our problems in the country and not discriminating and we start to heal as a nation and we all remember what it was like to truly be an American and We will be proud of our country.

We all need to do some soul searching and find ourselves and our new identity of What is America? Our new version. We need to redefine ourselves as a whole and we need to get back on track. And if society needs to change let it. Let these changes happened, but first heal from the damage. I know you want everyone coming in, but we need healing and the problems won’t go away unless we have been healed.

And our country needs healing and we need to be able to express ourselves, we need to vent, and we need to write our views and we need to get it out. People misunderstood what I meant by protest. I am not for being an innocent person up just for the color of their skin or religion and it doesn’t matter who you are. But if you want to vent say it get it out. It maybe right or wrong, this gets us into healing ourselves. When we are in pain, we scream and we have been screaming for awhile, but no one hears our screams because we are on several pills and many now smoke weed or drink just to cure there problems everyday. It is their choice, but rather they self medicate or it’s medication these problems are being suppressed and need to be released and it is releasing. Don’t try to silence it, let it all out great things will happen in this country because of it.

Eventually we should let people in and out, but first we need to heal as a nation. We are broken and we need repairs. Let us fix our nation. And I know many are against Trump, I don’t agree with him to. But we all have made comments about others and have put them down or have done wrongs rather we like it or not and we are all against one another. So let heal and lets come together and heal as one country and one nation.

Image by Robin Benad by unsplash.com

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