A Story of the story of the death of cats relates to today.

I was at work and one of my coworkers joked about something in history. He has a sense of humor about history, but one of his jokes I took very seriously and I wasn’t offended one bit he helped me understand about some of the beliefs we have and what is going on now. And the Cats are like every creed or race being killed or silenced And the Radical Muslims or ISIS are now are like the Rats in the story.

A Catholic Pope many centuries ago thought all cats were evil and needed punishment by death. The Pope at the time was the Politic order so they did what they said. According to the story of my friend, all the cats were killed and the rats started to populate and spread. They wanted to take over. In the story, the rats started biting human beings and then the plague had started. All because of false judgement and error and not understanding the role every living being plays death happens and the rats brought flies around them which brought disease to food.

Many died and many were affected. And this is being done through the idea of sex. Since it is unbearable to live and have children in the country of the US our Population is dying. Whites, Blacks, or any other race are rarely having any children anymore and however the rest of the world is populating. It’s one thing to populate, but when their mission is to populate just to kill Christians and all Christians or whatever religion. I am not for it. They are a hate group and just as Trump and other have viewed their hate. The Christians or Americans have become the Cats in the story.

Just because we can’t populate and my generation is not having kids it is a problem for the future. When the world is filled with many views and many problems there comes to the idea of war. I am not a proponent in it you could live in this world and be free, but their needs to be a balance. No one can over populate and have as many children as they want they need to be limited and others could populate if they can’t populate because of finances.

Bottom line we have a population problem and it ain’t going away. Like it or not they will spread like rats under their philosophy of hate and killing. And for those who are in the comfort zone in America and are inviting everyone with open arms. I suggest you start to care about yourself and your future family, because we are going through tough times and if you thing the grass is greener on the other side with Clinton guess again they were ready to bring them over here and many are here in this country.

I respect religion and they have a right to practice, but when it spreads hate no matter what group, right or left, men or women, color, race, sexual orientation, I am against it. We are America we have the right to be free, but if they are against the values as the citizens of this great country I am against it.

I am for protest and it is good, but be careful what you protest against. Because we are killing all the cats silently and the rats are ready to spread. Life is life but when a religion encourages it it is a problem for all humanity and their laws all are for it. We need to have balance and their is no balance in this world anymore. Just remember that and to all you rich Donald included and to all you how have money and populated, remember the life you took from those that weren’t even born or sufferered because this crappy politics. Just remember that.

Image by Teddy Kelley from unsplash.com


2 thoughts on “A Story of the story of the death of cats relates to today.

  1. Populating and using them to get killed is wrong they don’t have it easy to. And they do want freedoms, but freedom is something that is earned and it can’t be given. It’s what makes America a great country and there are those that want to take our rights and liberties away and it won’t happen. This is what makes America great.

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