I Protest for More Bathrooms

Remember in the Summer where I wrote about Loving yourself and with whatever is going on in your life and doing what you love. I wasn’t talking political then. I was talking from the heart and talking about following your passion.

It is obvious with what is going on  in the USA that we are protesting for a new President, Protesting for equality Protesting for more bars or Protesting to eliminate dog poo from other peoples lawn which I agree with.

Bottom line I’m going to talk about something else because I feel I need to. I feel I have the need to talk about how great it is to stand up to go to the bathroom, their are a few people who cant do that. I want to talk about where we kiss and make up. I want to talk about where we can complain about stepping in Horse Crap.

I want to talk about where we can complain about getting an ugly sweater for Christmas.

We need to live in a country where we can expose our body for freedom. You may say why I say that it just came to my mind. We are so suppressed sexually and Sex is a conservative thing in the country that we seldomly have it any more and if we do we see it on youporn

Bottomline is this We are opposite of Japan. Japan is so intense with work and so strict that they release with sex in a crazy way and it is on national TV. Sex.

We have withdrawn sex on TV. When is the last time you saw a breast or any other part of the body such as genitalia or ass on TV. And for Conservatives and Liberals and those operatating the systems. Sex is a beautiful thing and it should be respected amongst people and it shouldn’t be censored as it has been. Everyone in this generation is trying to protect people from sex or block them it’s not funny. I don’t even know how they do it.

We are in uproar over sexual tone. We are man and woman and we are sexual beings. We should be allowed that expression wherever we go. I might be criticized for my views but it is true. We have been suppressed and we are not allowed to do anything in society. Back in the day when it was allowed for nudity in public, but people are censored now a day. For example if we pee in public we are fined. If we have sex in public we go to jail. We are in constant fear if we have to go to the bathroom what if there is no bathroom around in 20 and 30 miles and you are on a trip and you need to pee there is no bathroom around and your in a town that fines heavily for peeing in public or arrested and areas of the country you know where they are. Bathroom should be mandated and more of or they shouldn’t be punished for going to the bathroom.

We need to pee without persecution or punishment and we need to have our right to have bathroom available with need and if we are going into a restaurant they can not force us out to use the bathroom if we don’t pay for anything. This is why we should have that right to pee. We have been like this for awhile some areas I don’t have to worry because there is a bathroom everywhere, but some areas there are not.

lol…I vote for more Bathrooms.


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