We Are America

We aired out our dirty laundry and we put it on the role of Donald Trump. Donald supported the view of the thoughts that had been suppressed by everyone for a very long time. I don’t blame Donald. He took the hit for everyone one of us.As Americans. But as Americans we have to survey how ugly our views are and what we have felt.

Many of us have been denied free speech for a very long time. Many of us risk firing or anything else major and many have feared for their jobs and livelihood under this administration. Laws have been strict as far as human speech is concerned.

We as Americans have been afraid to talk about God, mention how we feel about another in society. And when we suppress our views it gets ugly. And it rared it’s ugly head.

As a country, we have had problems of class-ism, problems of racism, and other problems. But when these and other problems are suppressed just as it has been with this country we get pissed and angry. We want our voices heard.

With Liberalism we had to be politically correct and watch what we said. Now we have a President who has no fear in what he says and he encourages us to be open about how we feel.

We are America. We are a melting pot. We are a mixture of different people from different countries and we have the right to build as anyone else has done.

And just if the world hasn’t remember or respected we had great innovation come in this country of America and great innovations. Our Country of the USA has made the Telephone, the Radio, the TV, the Automobile, Planes, Railroads, great farming techniques and other great inventions.

We are a great group of people and no matter what race or creed we can build and make this country great again and rebuild and no Hillary this country wasn’t great it was falling apart at the seems. We haven’t had our rights to truly build the land we have wanted.

What we know is Donald is for Infrastructure and he can rebuild this country and yes he did go bankrupt, but he was looking out for other peoples needs rather then his own despite the words from his mouth. In every building he has built he has paid his people and they have not complained about not receiving a paycheck.

Donald might have been rich, but he gave his money away. He did not hoard it. He made deals and he built a country. Despite the laws that were written against it and said we could not say what we have wanted. America has chosen a leader that is not afraid to say what he wants to say and he is a fighter.

Like him or hate him, he fought the Bushes, the Clintons, the Media, and everyone. Like him or hate him Donald had “Balls the size of grapefruits” as Vince McMahon would say. And don’t we want a leader who is not afraid to speak his mind right or wrong.

This is a land of Free Speech and this is a Free Country. Many in this country can now start the healing process and start what they truly believe and start clearing the air.

And we can move on and start to rebuild the America we are proud to live in. We are America and rather we disagree and argue and fight over our views. We are our country and we are a country that has fought for freedom many times over in this country and we have fought for freedom again in this race. Freedom of free speech free to challenge the system in however ends it can be and for the Democrats who lost in this election you have that right to challenge the Electoral Vote, but we all have to vote on it.

This is a Democracy. This is a free country. And we all should respect those feelings and to many who have worked hard on this campaign if you are some Millennials and your candidate has lost.

Let me tell you a story I was frustrated with the Gore Bush election and I was frustrated with the Obama election. I wondered how it came to two candidates all the time and my views weren’t represented. But my views shifted. I don’t read the news, but I listened to Trump and Hillary Speak. But all I heard lately was this harsh debate.

I truly felt my candidates didn’t truly represent what I wanted and everyone backed the candidate they wanted and we felt defeat. I have been feeling defeat my whole life with candidates. I grew up in the Reagan era and liked him. It shaped some of my views that I had, but he didn’t help the problem. Some of the deals that happened after that did not help the nation. Some of the deals made us not manufacture or create things in the country and if we did we were highly taxed and they were making everything illegal. We were like England paying heavy taxes and this was going on in the country. Meanwhile China is buying up all the resources and hoarding it they are creating a world for themselves, but what are we doing? Our country feels we have it good, but we don’t it’s hurting we have an infrastructers in this country that is falling apart. And to make matters worse we are afraid to show nudity on TV and we can see any kind of porn we want online. The fact is we become a shy and timid country who reacts when someone says grab em by the pussy rather then reacting when soldiers are killed in Benghazi.

We are America and we better wake up and smell the coffee. We have been polarized since Gore and Bush and it is getting worse. Vent get those frustrations out lets not be afraid to speak about how we believe anymore. We are America and it is great. If you are frustrated and you want to destroy this land and everything else find somewhere else to go don’t do it here. We are Americans and rather you like it or not We are Americans. And if you want to go to another team you have that right.

I believe in America and believe in Democracy if I am 37 years old and not like it I can vote for myself or I can vote and yes we can complain that is what makes this country great. So lets get past this polarizing bullshit and lets communicate and lets iron out our decisions. We are free to speak and we have the freedom of speech and the Answer to the 25th Amendment is the 1st Amendment. We are America. Let’s all rebuild it once again.

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