The Verdict Is Donald Trump

With any indication of what the election will be and by morning or by when I write this Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. With the roar this country will go through and the roar that this exhausting, exhilarating campaign had. Donald is going to do it. All I ask is please media gives us a break. This has been an intense race. Every where I turned it was rough and tough stuff about the campaign. With that being said what can we expect.

If their is any indication of what this Presidency will be is going to be very intense. Just what we know and what we have seen Donald Trump is a fighter and he is born on Flag Day which represents the birth of our flag. He has verbal diarrhea which got him the nomination cudoos to him. I will stick to my guns and views and I will speak if I need to say something and I will post it. I know he is a brilliant man with lots of ideas and yes some have failed, but what I will say about Trump may surprise you.

When the then WWF needed a venue for WrestleMania IV and they were looking for a place. Donald Trump had offered. Say what you will about his character but he cared about Vince McMahon Company who was expanding at the time. He offered a venue and has been supportive ever since. Him and Vince have been friends ever since. Vince despite being on top was struggling then and Donald helped them out.

He even offered the venue of WrestleMania V. Years later he was very popular on The Apprentice and Donald Trump took time out of his schedule to be in a plotline which led to Donald shaving Vince McMahon’s head on the pay per view as Bobby Lashley beat Umaga.

He has had many failed business and his words don’t serve him justice, but we don’t support the person for their views, we support a person for what they will do for the country.

However, he has fought to build a world that was decaying and he gave many jobs to people. And fought despite going broke many times. He has battled through a lot and has battled through a lot a achieved the Highest Position in the country.

Donald did it and I respect the decision of the country and I believe things will change and America will be rebuilt again.

We will disagree and we will debate, we argue and we complain, but the truth is we have the power to convince the President and help inspire some of his ideas.

We are creative people, we can do amazing things if we are granted the opportunity and we are going to take our power back. Gone is the country that doesn’t let us work. We can show the world what we can do.

And despite our debate we have to get along and come together as a country that will build A country that will create the nation that it is and can be. We can do what needs to be done. And we can be a country that aspires to be.

We will be a country that will rise above every challenge and the challenges are now. Now the election is over. Lets build our country and build it with a passion like no other. We will do whatever it takes not because of the man in the office but because we care about our country and we will rebuild the best we could.

This country will change once again and I am proud that me and my Dad have something in common a bond. We both share birth dates of US Presidents.

I will do what I can to write what needs to be done. And we will improve this country. Let’s get on board. Our country is in need. And we will do it now lets


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