Fighting for a Country In Need

On one of the pivotal days in American History. We pray for a decision that will not destroy the world. We pray that life is not taken for granted any more. With the stress that we are under with this world. We still have the power to fight back. Rather it is with words or with a vision. We can change this world. It is not to late. I have prayed to God more in the past few days, praying for divine intervention and praying no matter what decision takes place for the country it will be stirred in the right direction.

This country is in need of faith at this darkest hour for the country and an outcome. We are uncertain of a direction it is going and we are uncertain if Donald doesn’t stage a coup if he loses or if Hillary does something more to hurt our soldiers. We will lose lives of others, I just wish we fought for a good cause, but we are lost and we are broken. It is true we need redemption and we need saving.

Many are at the bar drinking or they are praying to the Lord for redemption for a world that needs saving. We are under a lot of stress now. More so than any time in history and regulation makes it hard for us. And every where I turn hell is unleashed with the propaganda train of how evil these two candidates are. And how the country is ruined. A part of me is believing my Dad with end time prophecy stuff. A part of me is still holding out for a better future. A better plan to the world that why I pray to God now. I and we all are powerless without him. And we all are hurting now.

Part side with Donald who believe like him or not wants to Make America Great Again. Part side with Hillary who has a vision of Stronger Together. It says it all.

I would like to Rebuild America Again. We are going through utter decay right now. And we are spiritually dying and it doesn’t matter what you believe in Rather you are on a road to hell or a road to salvation. We all need rebuilding and improving ourselves we are all here and no matter how much we don’t understand each other or no matter how much we hate each other no matter how much we have commited sins and how much we are on a road to rebuild our spirits. We need to Believe again and we need to believe in a new way. And not where one creed is better then the other and my religion is better then yours.

We need to understand others and we need not to disagree no matter what evil is their. There is no doubt this world is run by evil and negativity is around.

As the hours dawn before Election Day I ask you the question who do you have faith in. I have faith in God because I no matter how bad this country gets, there is still a chance of redemption and this country will go through the transformation that it should go under and it has to go through the utter decay first before the problem  gets resolved and unless on the final hour God uses one to change the world and save it from destruction and help us to have meaning in life again. And something where everyone are working towards a greater cause like never before than it can be deverted.

I feel like I am giving a sermon on Sunday and to make matters worse I don’t know. Lets hope they can not ruin the world and lets hope that red button doesn’t get pressed no matter how bad it is. I never thought of that, I now think of that. Our world will lay in ruin. But it is not to late. We can hold our leaders accountable for their wrongs of us. And we can hold them accountable each and everyone of them. And this world will be saved by the change that it needs. We are coming to a change, They didn’t experience the 60’s until the end and the same is going on now. Donald might be Richard Nixon this time around. And there will be another revolution this time to change the world.

I will work for this change in the world and I will fight whoever comes in my views of change and I will speak for what I know about our views we all face and not the views of every wrong word said about others.

Let’s Pray for our nation tomorrow. I ask you pray to whomever you pray to. We need prayer on this day.

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