Why I voted for Myself as President?

After a few months of going on the run and out of my mind I am healing and I’m not in bad shape as I used to. I’m sitting at a new Diner that I wasn’t before. I’m in a new gym that I wasn’t in before. I’m hanging out with my old friends. I am enjoying life again. I might have lost money this year, but I date back to the other years and I have lost money in the past. So what is different than any other year.

It has been psychological because I was going through a breakup and never recovered properly and enjoyed life again and enjoyed life once again. I ran on empty and I mentally defeated myself not giving myself the opportunity. I thought I was a failure because my relationship ended. And I felt I needed someone right away I was on the rebound.

Throughout the time I got better. My finances aren’t there and they need to be repaired, but they are no better then they were the year before and I will have to do it again and plan again. Maybe I am not the richest person in the world and maybe I have put out stuff that had to have been debated and challenged. I put a lot out this year, but you all saw me go through a change and a change through life.

We all go through changes in life and we all go through stages. I’ve been through many changes this year. I went through my Fall and Winter. And as I go through Fall and Winter as the new year approaches in two months I prepare for the new year. I prepare for a change. A change again. I don’t know what my future holds. I am happier now then I was before.

I might not have money. I might not have any one in my life. I might not be successful, but I gained a lot in this life and I learned. I gained through routine and change. And I’ve built myself stronger. I have new people that I have never met in my life. I met people who were new and some a regular people trying to make it in this world.

I still wrote even though I didn’t produce anything this year. I started a new talent in art. I started to get into reading again. I am doing all the right things and not letting the stress of a breakup get in my head.

But it’s not about that it’s about focus. When your defeated and you take defeats, you eventually have to win. As for Trump it is the opposite, he needs humbling. He needs to learn a lot from me. Humbling in life makes you more appreciative. It makes you work harder to achieve your goal. Not saying he hasn’t lost he has, but he rose up. But now he feels like a god and can’t be stopped.

I guess I went on this year how I went on neglecting how I really felt and I didn’t accept defeat. And accepting defeat on my part wasn’t a bad thing. It only means that you start over again and regroup for the next battle and learn from your mistakes. Which I have done.

I have been opposite of Donald Trump. I have faced many defeats, but I kept on moving forward and didn’t let life beat me to the ground and I’m still going.

I’ve been hospitalized, lost my relationship, I’ve had financial woes, car problems, family and friend troubles, facing job problems. But I didn’t not give up and I’m waiting for my victory. I’m waiting to be rewarded for my hell that I have faced my whole life. I’m waiting for my reward that everything that I have done and my words have meant something no matter how small or great. I’m waiting for my words to have meaning no matter if it is in the sun or dark.

Donald puts people down and Hillary hides from the truth. I voted for myself not that I could win or change the world because I know it maybe to late for that. But I voted for myself because of a dream of a victory. I know it is true I might not be able to handle stress that much, but this year I held a lot of stress in my small world and I continued to work and live my life. I faced hell and a hand basket.

I believe I would run this world better and I would do a much better job. With some miracle I could get a vote that could shift the landscape of the world. I would make a change. I would take a survey of the world and I would understand it better. Many are at war and are hostile and we created that environment. We don’t need war because violence has begotten violence and we don’t need an open door policy. We do need to negotiate new treaties and we do need to rebuild again.

We need to create a world of peace and innovation and it is going to be of war and conquer. We don’t need this world. We don’t need this world that does it’s harm. I would change health care and I would create a barter system again to repair this country. We all have skills that we have that will benefit the nation and we need to go back to our roots to make America great again. I will not win because of the Rigged Election as Donald Trump said because it is skewed in his favor or Hillary’s favor and I am a no one to this race and I am not affiliated with any party or anyone except I have my party I would have in office. I am someone who is young and vibrant compared to the old and I will learn about the world who has it’s problems

I ask you to share this and hope this sways voters away from the two. Or even vote for the other candidates not them.

I fear for the world we will enter in. I voted for myself for that reason I could not trust them. And I can create a better world then the two it would be my mission. I know I can’t run, but if I did I would run this country the best that I could do it. And this country would have my all.

Many people have a dream, but I am also born the same day as Donald Trump, where Donald has been having victories. I have faced many defeats and I understand the worlds problems more than him and I am more respectful. Yes I have sinned we are all none exempt. We all have done wrong in this world. And no one is perfect. Anyone can see what I have done and talked about and could see my views have changed.

I have been angry about the world and I have made mistakes as everyone else and I have been very critical which Trump won’t admit to his mistakes and keep going like he is running on fumes or Hillary won’t admit she made a mistake deleting email. In this unforgiven society I would change the laws for the prisons. There would be more rehabilitation in prisons then anywhere else. Yes they should be punished but in a way that they can be rehabilitated. Prisoners have lost all reality of society and are not ready to return and commit crimes and wind up back. They could learn valuable skills that will help them again.

It will take a lot to change America and my slogan would be “Let’s Rebuild America” America needs rebuilding and we all need healing everyone of us from Donald Trump to the poorest man in the country. There is a lot of things that need to be done and we are treating everyone unfairly and we feel we are in prison everyday. I would change the tax laws and have barter to pay it off. It isn’t communism because barter was something from the indigenous tribes.

I will write again later. And hope to persuade everyone. I am going to tell my testimony through my lifes problems and I won’t deny my past. Unlike these candidates. But if we live in constant regret living up to our past, we may never grow as humans and that is what we should do.

Please share this to everyone. Make head ways with this. I want change in this world and I want to do want needs to be done. I know Congress are like vultures and I know they are the problem. Let’s shake things up and go for a pure underdog like me. Just look at Nostradamus Prophecy’s and that will tell you the truth about what we are facing in the world.


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