The President of the USA and the Undecided Vote

The President of the USA has been around since 1789 which was George Washington. Since then this country has been through it’s growing pains from every President making it’s mark. Every 4 years since then the country has decided who it wants in the office. There have been candidates such as George Wallace who never made it because he was shot. And there was some candidates such as Robert Kennedy who never made it because he was killed. Also there were many Presidents who were in the office and got killed. And of yesterday Donald Trumps life was in danger as a candidate.

The stakes are high with the office. And when there is a country who is polarized I could see the danger. At the end of The Civil War the South left their mark on Abraham Lincoln. They might have lost the war, but one person took out the leader. History has been like this. Major wars have broken out when the leader dies, remember World War 1.

But what makes the USA unique is that it embodies the world and has been expanding from the beginning. Now we are a country filled with many people of many different ideas. And we are a country that doesn’t share the vision that it did in the beginning it has changed.

Now the vision of America has shifted once again. The Republican party reminds me of the Republican party of 1860’s. It has shifted again. The Democratic Party is not like the Democratic Party of old.

When I was born in the world Jimmy Carter was President. I didn’t remember him, but remembered Ronald Reagan. A lot of my subconscious views were from that era. It was a world that didn’t announce what it did. However, the Vietnam War they announced everything and it led to a downfall and Americans realized the horrors of war. They are the same people in power now.

Donald Trump is a throwback and he has the fate of being Presidential. He has June 14th Flag Day as the day he was born. He witnessed as his New York lay in rubble in 9/11. He witnessed a world he has tried to fight and rebuild. He was born one year after WWII on a day that the flag of this country is born.

I could tell you from this person who is born the same day and I lived my life. I live my American way of life and forever in the Pursuit of Happiness. I have never had millions, but I lived my dream. And I had a vision to complete everyone of my goals. And I have made mistakes like everyone else, but it is who we are.

And should we judge who is better or not when their lifestyles might not meet up. Just remember Hitler might have been virtuous with his ideas, but he massacred many people.

Hillary is a hurt woman who has lived with the shame of Bill on her shoulders and has a lot to hide from the public. Who would know the truth, but her and her maker. She has been in the system for awhile and we don’t need someone in the system to change the problems of America. We need someone outside.

Donald is right about the media. It is filled with hate. When are people ever doing something good in the world and it is not publicized.

I am not going to tell a person to choose one way or another. I don’t have that authority. I am stating facts. And yes Donald is a Womanizer, but wasn’t George Washington and Bill Clinton we supported them. And I don’t condone it, but men are men.

Every President has had their fopahs. Every President made America and Americans have been on a losing streak for a very longtime as Donald has mentioned.

Through the past 28 years this country has been on a losing streak. We claim to be on top of the world, when we lost it. America now feels like we are losers swimming in debt and many of the young fight that war now. Yet we have representation of the old governing over the land and they are not giving up this land.

The Millennials and Generation X’ers are the next to take over the helm, this maybe the last election before the next generation takes over as the helm of the world. And become the next leaders. It will be up to us to solve the worlds problems as change goes on. It is change.

In this election, we ask who will build the world we want for future generations. Hillary knows nothing about architecture but Donald Trump does and our homes need revamping. He and many people of the US can create that vision. Don’t support him for him. Look for the generations of the future. Look for generations who can truly create a vision of tomorrow.

Other generations of tomorrow will be affected by this election and we have had broken promises and failed actions that have led us to a decaying country. Every man or woman wasn’t great until he stepped in a role and role that defined them or a country.

Abraham Lincoln was called to make a speech after Gettysburg. FDR was called to make a speech after Pearl Harbor. Reagan made a speech to tear down the Wall in Germany. And Kennedy even made a speech to put a man on the moon.

Every President had a mission and I ask you this question, what President do you want to make that speech a speech that will be remembered for centuries in America. Who do you want to be saying that speech.

We are facing uncertain times for all of us. And their are many people that don’t wish the best for us. I ask that question because there could be a situation that breaks out and we need someone to negotiate a treaty. Who do you want Hillary or Doinald.

Donald wrote about The Art of the Deal. Hillary deleted email stating she has something to hide.

This is what America has to choose with. And I think America should choose a President who will take care of problems despite character. We are all humans and we need to be forgiven. We have all made mistakes. We grow from mistakes and we will grow whole as a country.

This is what we ask for a Person to be President of the USA. It is our choice that will count. I know their are many who will write this and other blogs like this, but I hope this reaches the undecided vote, because we have the power to choose who we want in the country and we have that power to make that decision. Make that decision count. I just stated facts.

Either Donald or Hillary will be President after Tuesday. And the country will change once more and it will be a change that makes history in the country. We are living in times we will remember 30 years from now. We are in those times. And one way or another they will change. Let the change in America be a good one. Let us decide the fate of America once again. Let us decide who will be President of the USA.

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