The Fate of the Country

It was said by Lex Luger, “I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach,” in 1999 referring to Stings trust to Hulk Hogan and I to have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach which would be the biggest day in United States History since 9/11, maybe even as big as the Gettysburg Address. I say big and historical because the outcome doesn’t look good for any of us as citizens of America or citizens of the world.

It is said, “The greatest way to predict the future is to create it,” by Abraham Lincoln and we all have created this vision for ourselves whatever outcome for us is tomorrow because it is the world we envisioned. We all created these two candidates and we all suffer from the predicament of what will take place. My only hope is if you vote a Democrat President you all vote so the house and senate are Republican.


I know one way or another they will be glorified. Their is no way around this around ISIS unfortunately our President has become like Chamberlain and has made his mistakes. Our soldiers do pay their price. And their needs to be better strategy. People have been trained like animals because they are treated in that fashion. Maybe they need to be treated more human and with dignity.

This is just how society is now. We treat one part of the world and deny them and then go after their livelihood. Soon we might become a country that is full of animals do to bad decisions and believing what they want.

I was the first to jump on Donald Trumps bandwagon and I stated it. I made a post out of reaction and it was hateful and I stated it. I hated what I didn’t understand and their is no excuse for that. Donald doesn’t have shame and has just insulted everyone in his speeches just because everyone wanted it.

I ask this. Is this the country you want a country full of crap. And this is where America is headed. I urge to vote for the other candidates don’t vote for the party this election.

I pray for divine intervention and I pray to God no matter what happens and I pray God infiltrates their body and use them to make the changes that need to happen.

And I will make it my promise to stay on top of them. And they will hear from me whoever the winner is. In every blog post, every podcast, every book, or every thing I do. I will be heard from by them.

So Hillary if you win, you will hear from another June 14th person, someone younger and more vibrant the Trump.

And Trump if you win, You will keep on hearing from your June 14th Twin.

Whatever the outcome you have not heard the last from me. I will attack only with words and the way I will cast stones is through the written word.

And I will challenge the Devil no matter how far he is willing to destroy this country. I hope my words will inspire a nation to stand up and believe what is best for the country or return to what was great about the country. I know the idea for utopia doesn’t exist and might not exist, but we really need to world to a better world and we have people in this world who will obliterate it to utter destruction because they are crazy and sick.

I studied Sociology in school and I didn’t know it would be a fact until now, but Donald Trumps campaign is as if Jerry Springer is running his campaign and the outcome does not look good. And Hillary is as if Stephanie McMahon is running her campaign.

I really feel like throwing up after whoever gets nominated. I should live for the now, but I fear for the future and I am Paranoid, but I guess I need to change my views and pray for the best. I pray my vision for what I want the world to be will get in their head and it will change the world.

Nobody said a dream wasn’t all that possible no matter what that dream is and no matter what that world is. We can all shift the world if we believe in what we do. We need to create a world based on vision and promise. We need  to create a world where we produce what the world needs. We don’t need to move towards a world where our environment is destroyed. We need to move towards a world where we save it and we try to preserve whatever is left of the world resources and we try to recycle and rebuild with those resources and we have people come to our houses and help rebuild. We have many of the earth resources lie in rubble when it can be used to create the tools of tomorrow. And we all need resources.

Our wildlife is dying or is now homeless in the streets because we have moved them from their homes. Their is no room for them in the earth any more and we have had no regard over animal and human life any more. Their once was a time where we cared. We cared about the wild. Then we conquered and now animals are ready to go extinct by the masses. Then what?

People have warned of this for a long time and now where is the hope. We are going through tough times now. And we are going through a time that we all fear as humans. And I think we are screwed, but I just hope divine intervention follows and the Higher Power or whatever source you believe in, in whatever religion you follow guides to have faith in that decision in who would be better for the country. And pray God has Archangel Michael and the swarm of angels take over their body and free them to do God’s will.

I haven’t been to church consistently for many years. But it’s days and night like tomorrow that I say a prayer for the country that a change of heart takes place and saves this earth from the hell that it can face after tomorrow.

Image By Noah Grezlak


2 thoughts on “The Fate of the Country

    1. Very good in depth blog. I’m still voting for myself. I have an uneasy feeling over the verdict tomorrow. I feel both candidates are no good and the country will suffer because of it. I urge you and everyone you know to get out there and not vote for these to even vote for the dark horse candidate I would even be easier if the Libertarian candidate got it. Everyone is for Trump but I can’t trust him as far as I could throw him. He is unstable and feel he is better then anyone. He is not humble and has a lack of regard for human beings and Hillary had her back towards everyone on Facebook. We need to act fast if we can. Get anyone in besides Thea two. I’m praying for Divine Intervention.

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