The Rise Back Up

In an African Proverb it says, “However long the night, the dawn will break.”

Eventually, it has to improve despite whatever hell you may go through. I went through hell this year because I put myself through hell, but I don’t have it as bad as I had it. I might have lost a lot and I might have went back to where I was in 2009, but that had to have been the reality.

I’m not rushing anything. I’m pacing myself and I’m taking my time. I know it gets better everyday. The more the time passes, the more I improve. The more I read, I could learn and get my business to grow and come up with better ideas. The more I paint, better creations could form.


The more I exercise, the more healthier I will get. The more I save, I will improve my car and I will put away for another one.

We all take hits in life and we all go through turmoil, but not giving up and continuing that fight no matter how bad it gets that is what it is all about.

Finding your passion again no matter how hard it maybe, no matter the challenge. That is what it is about.

I faced the worst the Devil through at me and I am still standing and I went face to face with the demon and it didn’t destroy me. Sure I’ve been broke many times, sure I’ve been hospitalized, sure I’ve had endless pursuit over women to bury my pain I’ve had, but I am still standing.

People thought I wouldn’t return and rise above my situation, but slowly but surely I’m rising and to all you naysayers such as exs or whomever thought I was high when I wasn’t on my live videos, I’m rising.

Like the Dark Knight who rose above his hell from the pit, he once had a bad knee and he worked and rose above that pit.

I’m rising above that pit. I once had a bad knee to and I was walking around with a cane. I felt washed up and beaten by life because I let myself be beaten. But just as every dawn sees the light, he must rise above hell once again.

It is a metaphor. I will rise above my hell and I will rise above whatever situation that I face. I’m more determined and I am more focused. I thought I was defeated and I acted like, but I wasn’t.

Just like the Phoenix who rises above the ashes. I am like the Phoenix and I rose and will keep rising. Even though I have not yet begun to create my masterpieces. I will create. I will create the world that I imagine through my imagination. I will create a world where I make my visions come alive I will create a world through my artwork and writing and it will be my work. Rather people say my artwork should be a certain way. The greatest artist weren’t great until history made them great. My artwork will stand the test of time and they will be original out of my imagination. I will let my designs carry them to their creation and they will live the way they need to live. This is my gift to the world and it is my gift of creating again the world that once was destroyed 70 to 80 years ago in Germany and Eastern Europe. It might not be as the greats, but it will be The Joseph Evaldi Originals.

In a creation that once was I live to rise above the decay that is this life and I want to enrich it with my designs and masterpiece in art. It is something that I’ve wanted to do and now I have my opportunity to do it and as time passes I will keep on creating the world I want and I will create the world that needs it right now.

In rising and finding my focus, I realize I can design my world I want and I can create art in it once again. The world that we once lost will return and be restored once again. And we will find our wealth once again.


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