Living a World that We Aspire to Live In

The Chicago Cubs did something they could not do in 108 years and still we fight the same wars of 108 years ago. However, if it is something about us we are known to build that world we dream to build and we can create. We don’t need authorities to dictate how we should live in the world. We don’t need Presidents or Kings except if the President or King was on the battlefield with us.

We don’t have leaders like that anymore. They let us fight our wars and kill us without them stepping on the battlefield. Wars of old, leaders believed in their cause and now they are protected and feared. Feared for what a job or because they are a CEO. Some CEO’s step on the battlefield as us and we fight the same battle ever day.

I ask this what is the world that we aspire to live in. What is our cause? What is the world we want. Do we want a world where we are filled with hate and anger and do we want a world where life is not valued no matter what the sin. Do we want a world where we keep on burying our sins and always afraid of what the others would say.

We have the power to create the world that we envision it. As much as people want to destroy because of hate and ideas of poor ideology, We could have a world where we create. We can create the art that was lost. We can create a world of imagination. We can create a world of love. We can create wildlife that will bring back life, new life.

Instead we create a world where we destroy our wildlife. We create a world where we just use and not care any more. We create a world where we feel we are running out of time, but it’s only when we get in the moment where we can appreciate the value of life. We can appreciate those that come across us besides points of view.

We all are going through hard times and we fight over cash, but it isn’t important, we can create cash with our wealth of knowledge, of our art, music, writing and ideas. We can create new organizations and we can have others help us with our dreams.

We don’t have to send many men to fight a war, we can negotiate and compromise. At the end of the day it’s us to shift the world.

I know this world is filled with a lot of negativity and we are embracing the storm with it. However, we shouldn’t let this destroy us from living a life and we don’t. We have gotten through this life for centuries and yet we face more problems then every before.

Instead of saying the we shoulds; I’m going to say we could. We could create that vision of life, but it is a shared vision we all share. We are bound by contracts to live in this world and we agreed to our suffering. It is how we can grow stronger as human beings and I realize that. We might not like that pain and suffering, but that is where growth comes. We may think life is out of our control, but as i once heard, “This to shall pass.”

In life there are winners and losers, the Cubs were the winners yesterday and many of us celebrated, we were happy for them. I celebrate because it was a release of something and they were free to live again and create a life they wish without any limitation.

Isn’t that a dream of us. To find our way without limitation and create our own. To be free. We don’t feel this way and we feel the Devil has us prisoner and won’t release the shackles and we fight to be free because we truly want to fly.

Maybe we should create that world and help one another. We are the People that can change this world. We can change ourselves. What happens yesterday, doesn’t apply to today. To judge someone from 10 years ago and say they are that person now is unfair, because we all change. And the road changes us.

We must come to term with those who have caused us harm and still do despite whatever they do and have done. However at the same regard one’s actions are a reaction of another’s actions and this helps us understand the world of debt.

We live in a world we create and as it has been said, Create a good one. Don’t be a prisoner of circumstance, we can rise above our dilemmas and we can rise about our hell. We all can rebuild again and we all can be free. WE CAN BE FREE.


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