Update for November 2016

First of, let me give you an overview of an update of what I’ve been working on in the month of October and what I will work on in the month of November.

In the month of October, I have been resting and recharging my batteries and I have been working on my artwork. It is something new I have been doing. In life, you have to change your ways especially when you are going through the storm of life.

I apologize to those who were affected by my book not being released. I guess I didn’t follow through and did the right procedure necessary.

I am not going to complain, I believe I did enough of that this year and it has got me to accept means below my means.

I have been just soul searching and finding myself again what has been a rough year for me.

What I realized as this month is coming to an end is that I need to invest more time in myself. Don’t worry about love or all the other factors that may come into play. When you are broke start small and work your way up. Take the opportunities needed to get back on track. Read, learn, and do what it takes. Use the same techniques that got you in the dance in the first place.

For example, treat it like building a Franchise team. In the beginning it is going to be rough. You are going to take bumps along the road, but you have to be willing to grow. And I took bumps along the way this year. I couldn’t handle defeat so I complained, but now I accept fault and accept the fact that I need help. Help could be financial, help could be emotional support, etc. And as Brendon Burchard put it in one of his videos you need to ask for help when times are rough. You can’t let pride get in the way. You have to realize that you need to overcome your flaws and find a better way.

This is why I look to my library of books again and go to school and learn and get in some better habits. This is the time to learn new skills and grow again. This is the time where I retool.

I have taken some failures this year as this year is approaching the end, but this year is not coming to an end yet and there is more to go. So rather then getting down and depressed and I am going to use an analogy of the casino. Rather then playing more and losing my shirt. I’m going to cut my loses and play another day. Work a different strategy next time.

Life is like this. Sometimes you need to work a different strategy and just like a Franchise team recruit, train, and get people aboard on your victory team.

After a losing year, you do this. You see what needs to be done. Last year was a winning year for me, but this year it was a losing year and now I rebuild once again. I rebuild for the days where I can return to the sunset in victory because I feel that I have won the gamee.

Sometimes we need defeat to make us strong. Now is the World Series and one of those teams will feel defeat like no other team in baseball. They face the hardest loss of all they were there and they tasted victory at least for a short time.

I know we face defeats along the way, but we must be strong to rebuild again. Some of us might not have the funds including me, but this drive will make us stronger as me. It is a drive that keeps us going.

I might not release new material besides blogs in awhile. This is just a start and a new beginning. Maybe next year I will have a better season then the one I have just played. And maybe I will be able to have victory once again.


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