5 Tips on How to Make a Kindle Book Great?

In my upcoming book called Kindle Your Writing: Tips on Making Your Amazon Kindle Book Great, I write on steps I took in making an Amazon Kindle book in a brief overview. I have written many Amazon Kindle books. Some succeeded and some bombed. Some could have succeed had I put more time advertising and spreading the word about it.

In this time I made many mistakes, but at the same time I learned how to make a great Amazon Kindle book. A lot is just writing the book and spreading your name about the work that you do.


In this blog, I will give 5 tips on making your Amazon Book Great.

  1. Fiverr: One local Author in town Hugh O. Smith, who wrote the Amazon Kindle book
  2. Keywords and Categories: If you don’t select the right category and keywords it is not a loss, but it is important to play the percentages. you want a keyword in a popular category and one in a not to popular one and a few in an average. Check it from time to time because it will change. And your ratings will change. Keywords and Categories will add to your success. People have played with their percentages and have received big money, but if you don’t have good content your book won’t get over.
  3. Advertising and Social Media: Through Advertising through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other outlets available. You can market your Kindle Books. We may feel we may have no time to market with our routine, but this is something that we can do to make it to the sales we want.
  4. Blogging: Just what I am doing now. I am blogging about it. I am giving away material to help you make a decision if you should decide to purchase my book or not and should you purchase it, it is up to you.
  5. Content in book: You have to make content in the book interesting from setup to the ending. You have to make the book from your passion and will that they will enjoy every page. They have to know your heart is in the book. The reader has to know you did it for them and only them and have a personal connection with them as the late Dusty Rhodes had with his wrestling fans. They could relate to him and they could relate to you the writer.

During the making of this book, it was challenging. I went through a rocky road. Everything was flowing and then I went through my breakup. This book was delayed and it took me a very long time to write again and finish the book. My heart wasn’t into writing, but I still wrote. Everytime I wrote this book I felt agony and hurt because my last time I wrote this book it was with her so I had to start again.

And after all the agony and everything I went through I finally finished it and November 1, 2016 marks the date of the book sale. It not only marks the release date for the book, it marks the start of a new period of my life now that I overcame the storm that took place in my life. I don’t believe it can get any worst.

Without struggle there is no book and I’m glad I went through the struggle and finished this book. November 1, 2016 dawns a new era. The rise back to the top.

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