Restructuring this Blog

This blog took an engine in itself this year. I spoke on love. Love with yourself and love with another and you saw the demise after the breakup. This blog will be restructured in the coming months ahead. I will move away from those topics as they have been covered.

What I wish  to discuss sometimes on this blog is on older plotlines of wrestling such as with WWE and WCW and how they have been prevalent with what is going on society today or in the past.

Wrestling has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy talking about it.

I feel we are on the next big boom or wave of wrestling in the future. I wish I would have blogged on wrestling in the past, but I didn’t.

I know this may shift this blog, but it will grow. I also might do book reviews to along the way as I planned.

As Vince McMahon said, “It’s time to shake things up around here.” And it is true. I will work on another blogger for this sight as before. I will be better then the month of July. With Guest Bloggers talking about their skills it will be good and revive what was this blog after this hiatus I took.

We will focus on the topics that you want in a new way. Through rehashing storylines of wrestling, a little of what has been discussed before and paving the way to the future. This is going to be the revived blog of Joseph Evaldi.

Sometimes we have to do the things that we want to do. And it has been a good blogging year and it has seen ups and down. I am excited over the new content that will come out.

For those who said don’t blog, they were right and they were wrong. I will use this blog site to excel to the greatness that it should be.

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