Clearing Up the Past Few Weeks

As you may know. For the past few months I have been going through hardships and problems. Problems that are now buried in the past.

I made a political rant and accusing people of reason when I could have been sick before hand, which it had nothing to do with Donald J. Trump. For all I could have been sick before then. Tomorrow, I will speak of the election, but I will address it right, but first I want to address the nature of my illness that I am not embarrassed to talk about.

As many know I have been on a downward slide since my break up. I have been desperate in chasing after women, I’ve had downer and attacking blogs when it might not have been the truth, and my blogs have not been upbeat as they are.

And I am making a public statement about the status of my health and it is improving every day, but I have to address the matter.

Rather it is mania or whatever it is. People have pulled my triggers and rather it was at home or at work, it cost me to step down from a full-time position that I worked so hard to earn. And now because of mistakes of my past held against me I stepped down from the position and I am starting over again.

Whatever everyone did to me to put me in the hospital as the crazy one I will not forget. I will forgive, but I will not forget that I had not one of my friends visit me in the hospital. I will not forget that people caused me to go into the hospital such as family members saying I was unstable. I will not forget the lack of help I was provided when I needed it the most and you know who you were talking about.

Just giving you a heads up this isn’t the Joe from before. This is the new Improved Wolfman Joe. And a Wolfman Joe on a Mission. I will do what I have to do to live and thrive. I won’t take for granted the life that I left behind. But where are they when I needed them the most. Where are they in my darkest hour. I had met new friends who helped me find myself.

Luckily one or two friends talked to me, but others I could not find.

They don’t know I am feeding the wolf in sheep’s clothing now. They don’t know I am hungry for getting what I want and I am hungry to get it all and I will. I can out play whomever I will out play. I’m tired of being a nice guy I will get what is entitled to me. I will be the alpha male that I need to be.

I am a man dammit and I will get what coming to me. I will claim my birthright and I will claim what was meant for me in birth. I decided I’m going to be a millionaire and maybe have more and I will enjoy every bit of it.

I am Wolfman Joe and it’s time to start acting like Wolfman Joe.


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