“When a man’s heart is full of deceit. It burns up dies and a dark shadow falls over his soul. From the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse. A wrong that must be righted. We look to the skies for a vindicator. Someone to strike fear into the black heart of the same man who created him. A battle of good and evil has begun. Against an army of shadows comes a dark warrior. A prevailor of good with a voice of silence. And a mission of Justice. This is Sting.”

These were the words said about Sting in WCW at the Clash of Champions. There are lots of wrongs in the world that need to be corrected. And they will be in do time.

I won’t go fighting a war that is impossible to win such as on terrorism, but I will fight a war none the less.

It will be a war of what is on my mind, on the stress of family that don’t understand their son, but the understand them very well.

The fact is. We go through many dilemmas in life. We go through pain. We go through hell. We see the Devil staring us in the face and we have to be willing to face the Devil sometime. We might not be sure if God has our back at times and we ask where do we stand.

I’ve faced this dilemma all year and I’ve asked these questions. Sometimes we may feel we are cut off, but we aren’t alone. I know that others are going through the same dilemma as as we are.

Sometime we have to fall so hard that we are in hell and that we have to climb out of that hell. We have to pour all our energy all our soul. All of everything that has ever meant something dear to us and we have to fight for our ambition and maybe tomorrow that ambition will come back home.

You have to pour all your passion all of your soul all of your energy. No matter what side you are in. and what ever hell may come. We go through whatever passion in life and I know I preach about passion this summer, but it is a double edged sword. Passion you can live to the fullest and you can have anything you want that you desire. You could even have the same person that you stare into her eyes with.

But then love goes through a turmoil and you have to reap those consequences. Which leads me to why I am at war.

I am at war to restore all the antiques and relics in my house. First I will start with my own, and then I will work from their. And by antiques I mean old laptops, computers, stereo, everything from a different time and age that needs to be restored.

We should never forget our past. We should never forget our roots and who we are and where we come from. It is a reason of why we are at war today.

This coming election I ask do you want more of the same crap we have had or do you want a world where we remembered what was once great of America. Sure it had it’s problems, but we can make it better as we go through life. We can make it the America that we truly Want.

In the beginning it was the quote that Sting used when he challenged the nWo from the raptors after months of time away. I have been away long, but I have return with passion unexplainable to man and Woman that needs to be shared.

One day this will  make sense and when it does we will remember our past once again.

Image by Teddy Kelley of Unsplashed..com

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