“Winds of Change” The New Season

This is a new season and I feel the winds blowing in a new direction. And in the Winter in  to was and ending, but everyone goes through their endings at different times. It’s just a matter of having your beginnings meet up.

I touched it on it a little bit in todays blogs and Facebook Live video’s, but this is the Wind of Change and we must embrace all the change that comes with it. Just like a change of a tide as was said in the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. There is a new tide upon us. There are winds blowing and their I a shift in direction and I can feel it.

Soon there will be Pumpkin everything coming out and soon there will be will be leaves on the ground it is a new season and it is very good. I might not have harvested good this year, but there are seasons that aren’t that good. And we all need to regroup and see what went wrong with the harvest to do it right.

Fall is that season. When their is not that much food to eat and you have to decide how to feed yourself and others. You have to rely on new hunting skills, you have to invent new tools, you have to learn how to hunt in order to eat. You have to become more adapt and maybe change to more meats then vegetables. There has to be a shift in what you do and what everyone does.

Maybe what you did wrong and what you didn’t do. It is a time to regroup and go to school because you know the winter is coming and you might face the fact that you will be staving that winter. So a new game plan needs to be formed. A new game plan needs to be formed. And you are going to take all the people who were there for you and get ready to embrace life in a new way.

Maybe there is a new strategy that will take place and you need to plan where you are going to get that goal. You need to plan how your going to build new crops, you have to find out what the weather patterns are, the moon cycles, etc.

You have to find out why the people around you are acting the way they are. And you have to find out why you are acting the way you are and you are going have to come face to face and be prepared for whatever changes may come even if you are comfortable with them or not.

Sometimes you have to face the uncomfortableness of the situation in order to grow. And it will take that growth in order to get where you need to develop the strategy that is needed.

We all go through dilemmas in life and we have to rebuild no matter how painful it is and how we face it. Fall begins that season. It begins a season to see what went wrong and understand it and it is a season to go and do better the next time around. Maybe you went upon life in the wrong direction and maybe we are off course. This is a season to redevelop that dream and plan for tomorrow’s new vision to come.

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