What does it take to find Solititude? I’ve been in the moment just sucking in all the energy ready to unleash all the passion and drive I have.

It is just like 20 years ago when Wolfman Joe came alive. While I went through hell then I’ll go through more hell, but I won’t stay in it. I will let the energy thrive and the passion I feel build in me and as that passion builds and gets stronger I will stare from the mountains and I will get ready to go on top of the mountain top.

It is a matter of facing every challenge and facing them head on. It a matter of staring the Devil in the face and beating him in his own playground. It’s a matter of living the day and conquering what needs to be done.

It’s a matter of living in the world and becoming who you truly are meant to be.

Make life worthwhile if you have never accomplished a dream in life do it because it is that dream that can be your survival.

We fight in this world knowing we are going to fall some are ahead of the battles then others. And some try to learn a lesson no matter how hard that pain was.

We face our demons we create as was the Smackdown WWE song before. And we must not give in to those demons no matter how hard they are. We must rise above the hell and fight for whatever we want. We must be willing to go into hell to get what we want because there is a day we will find heaven in hell.

We must challenge life and be ready to go along and attack like no tomorrow. Nothing in life will ever be perfect and life will be exactly as we have imagined it.

It is a life we aspire to live and it is a life we aspire to take. No matter what pain we go through no matter what challenge we take we have to be willing to listen to the people who will help us no matter what we face. We need to be humble and reach out if we are hurting.

Life will never be the same and life will change, but as long as we don’t let the anxiety get the best of us and deal with whatever demon is there head on and improve ourselves we do it.

Life will hit hard as Rocky said in the movie but we are going to have to face that person staring us in the mirror and we have to not get defeated and lose because it’s that person in the mirror we face everyday that will affect us.

Challenge it with everything and win.


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