Monthly Update September 2016 and Winston Churchill

This was a very good year for me so far. You may say why. You had the shit kicked out of you by life this year. You had bad decisions of love made and you faced life in a way that can’t be explained. You are on fire with books last year what happen this year. You only came out with two.

But life is a matter of picking up the pieces and getting up again. As a close friend said you fall to get back up. Sports teams after winning the championship may have the worst season of their life after, but they rebuild to form a dynasty and that is what I am ready to do. And it is time to rebuild myself and eventually when time is right build that dynasty with that someone.

Fact is my mind wasn’t in the right place this year and I was defeated in the battlefield and now we are heading into the month of September a month where it is Back to School season. And for me it is Back to School and I will be studying at the school of life.

No matter how many nights I have tried to escape and face an empty room at night, no matter how many times I face the reality of never staying still and always moving. Moving around town has become a part of who I am and I have dreams like everyone else. And I even preached it, but it’s matter of making those dreams a reality.

No matter how much the pain is and everything in life, you are going to have to be willing to challenge hell on the waters and take down his empire.

September is the season that starts the year over again with School as I mentioned. It is the season where we all learn new lessons. And the fact is I’ve learned many of my lessons this Spring and Summer and I will be ready to study from reading books and learning from my mistakes rather it is business or it is with my own personal life. I will be like Winston Churchill after his defeat in WWI, that defeat kept him awake at night he couldn’t sleep and he had to get focused. He had to focus on his dream of one day leading his country to victory through strategic decisions as he has made in World War 2.

He did not give up and he was that voice. Winston Churchill when he was younger had a speech impediment meaning he was not a great speaker, but he kept on working on it everyday and he kept on improving and improving.

Eventually one day his nation was down to defeat they were getting obliterated by the Nazi Soldiers everyday through Blitzkrieg attack destroying the spirit of the people and the country as they had no hope and they stopped believing in themselves and they felt their efforts were lost.

Winston Churchill knew what he had to do. He had to lead his country through his words on the newest form of technology the radio. With his voice everyday he spoke to his fallen nation and he revived them. He spoke and let them know that every one might be defeated and might be broken in life, you have to have the will to fight for your life and act that no matter what defeat and attack you might face you can conquer it.

If Winston Churchill can restore a nation from utter hell we can do the same with our problems. And we face a subtle war now where we are afraid of our life and we don’t face our problems head on.

This is why I will go on Facebook Live everyday and voice that hell. I want to be the voice wherever I go to help people face through whatever dilemma they are going through. I want to be that voice like Winston Churchill and as our nation and everything is falling around us. I want to be that voice of reason. Rather it is through my blog, my podcast, Facebook Live, my books, I want to have my voice and other voices heard.

We face a lot of problems in this lifetime and we focus on the enemy without truly understanding ourselves. And we have to understand who we are as individuals and we will truly understand the world and what we face.

Life may knock us down and life has knocked me down, but it’s a matter of facing the heroes journey and rising above defeat in whatever battle. It is only when we go through this journey we are able to become the people we aspire to be.

We have to be willing to face whatever storm we are ready to face or will face in life and be ready to challenge it and work not to be defeated. It might blow us around, but we will be able to withstand that storm at the end of the night.

Life is like a storm and we are preparing all the time and we have to be ready for whatever hell will come as the rain pours. We have learned our lessons from other storms. We are more prepared and ready to deal with this storm and we will not be defeated by the storm of life.

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