What does it take to get to the finish line? You have to go through all the hurdles and do it without falling. You have to be nearly perfect and not fall during the race. Unfortunately we are not perfect and we keep on falling every step of the way. No matter what life has handed us and what stresses we all face, we go through all the hell bounded in creation and we have to fight hard to face whatever dilemma is after us.

And right now we are attacked by forces of nature that has us giving up hope as I was ready to do. Nobody knows this, but I was defeated this weak in a major battle and I became weak. But as Winston Churchill faced his defeat, I will rise again. I will face every challenge known to man to meet my goal whatever it is.

We are human and we are not meant to stand this much abuse, but we survive despite our impulses to give up or give in. I am with you today and I am saying you are not alone no matter what battle in life you are going through and I feel your pain and have felt your pain.

And when you are faced with problems on a daily bases you do two things. You give up or You fight and I will fight until I die. I might lose battle after battle defeat after defeat but I will rise and I will take on whatever hell faces me. And this message is to the one who could bend rules and is not of this world and they know who I am talking about. You might break my will and you might try to break my spirit and I will fall from time to time, but I guarantee when I get up I will sprint the whole marathon if I have to just to get to the Finish Line.

I maybe weak, I maybe broken and I may feel alone in the battle when it is three o’clock or four o’clock in the morning and no one is up I will fight like a ferocious storm and conquer any battle I will face when it is dark and no one is awake and I have no one sleeping by my side. I will keep on fighting. Nothing will break my spirit and if it is broken I will keep on fighting.

I will go through heaven and hell if I have to because right now I don’t like God for him letting this world go to hell and the Devil is not my friend either he is making everything happen the way it is. So I have my morals at least what might be left of it as I fight this war. And no matter how many times I will bounce back, I will keep fighting even if it is a losing battle. Eventually I will get the enemy weak and they will lose the war and I will cross the Finish Line.

Image from unsplash.com


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