Finding Passion in Love Where There is None To Be Found

How do you get up and how do you get back up when you keep on falling. It seems as with my whole life I have been taking defeat after defeat. Some caused by myself and some caused be others and situations out of my control.

How do you get up when life or for woman seem to be against for mistakes you have made and I know women feel like this for men. How do you get back and face your enemy? How do you go and face your demons that seem to attack you every day and I could of said the opposite sex, but your worst enemy is yourself.

I could go on about talking about demons and everything else, but I say fuck it now. You have to find that passion within. You have to dig down deep when all odds are against you. You have to have the passion for that distance and that passion for love and I know some people will feel that passion is left and it doesn’t exist well I say this no matter how many times you get broken and defeated you will find what you are looking for.

Many people are defeated in life and they my feel they have no shot in hell when all odds are against them. This is what I say as was once said in a song, “Love is a Battlefield.” But when you get defeated you have to attack it like Rocky Balboa. Every defeat you take you must crave so hard for that victory because it will find you. You have to be willing to lose as many times and lose hard and bad. My year has been full of defeat. I’ve had more women angry with me this year then ever before, but I say fuck it. I have something I want and I will fight hard to get it even if I am a firm believer of love. And I’ve heard all the excuse in the world because they are just that and it will change day to day.

Sometime you have to dig down deep to get what you want in life and you have to fight for what you believe in. Everyone might laugh at you and say that whatever you believe doesn’t even exist anymore. But there is a reason why I stay up till 5 AM 6 AM in the morning there is a reason why I do what I do. Granted my strategy might not be the best but it works for me.

Everyone faces defeats in their life. I have been defeated a lot this year, but I am bouncing back and I’m ready for my next prize and I will treat you like the queen that you deserve to be treated like.


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