Creating the Passion You Want in Love

How do you keep that passion alive? What drives you after being beaten in love? Rather it someone you’ve loved and can never have back because of mistakes that you have made or it a women you fell in love with a woman online who could not fulfill her promise to you and let you down when she said she would not let you down as it happened to me or you go after a woman who can not return that love because their is a difference in philosophy.

These have happened to me this year. The fact is I have been defeated in love, I want to believe that idea of love still exists. I want to believe everything I spoke about exists. I don’t just want to express love, I want love to come alive.

I want to give everything and all I have for her. I will keep on introducing myself to woman despite me knowing she is with someone or not. I will spend my waking days in search for her.

I might be called a fool for my beliefs and so be it. I have made many mistakes and have been mistooken so be it.

I might have every part of me ready to run and hide, but I can’t run and hide because no one will let me.

And some one of your friends might attack you saying their will is worse then yours and you have it easy, but is it. Everyone trying to give me advice on how to live my fucking life. I live on my mistakes and I will make many more, but it is my mistakes to make no one else. And if I really want to have kids and wife and have that dream of having a marriage to last a lifetime than so be it.

When I want to be by myself it’s to clear my mind and make sense of the world. it’s the only time I could piece this crazy world together and after two loses this year. I will face it.

I should have to suffer for someone misfortunes in life and say it’s not in the cards and it is not worth it.

Fact is who ever will be my women I will pour all my effort in them and I will treat them like a Queen. I made a mistake once by not giving that love and not being present. I made that mistake twice by pour all the love into a women and making a mistake, because she could not be present for that love to be returned.

But sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles in life. Sometimes you might have a friend yelling at you because their situation is worse than yours. Sometimes you have to fight those battles with vigor. Sometimes you got to take all of your vigor all of your heart and everything you have and pour into that woman or someone you want and desire. Yeah things will change and you might lose them forever because one may feel you are not needed any more, but you have to be willing to fight and you have to be willing to have that passion for some one you want.

You have to be willing to roll with the punches and fight for what you want in life. You have to be willing to put it out their if you lose it all. You have to be willing to have that fight and fight for the one you truly love. If you don’t love them it’s time to get out. You have to choose is this the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

We are hit from every fucking direction now it is not even funny. We are in a rush and we don’t even stay to relax anymore and we feel we are lost in life and lost with a sense of direction and we ask where is the passion in life is it worth fighting for and does it still exist.

Hell I’ve been burned before and I say fuck it I’ll be burned again, but I am willing to fight for that core belief in that one that I want and I will keep trying and trying. My passion and effort and heart to get what I want will get me my prize. Women have not seen anyone with the desire I have towards life. I want to do something important and impactful and I come alive when I write. It is my source and light. I might think of how many things and I will go after that one, but my thought is does that one have what it takes to be my woman.

Because I started this feeling down about myself in life and everything else, but I can change and these words are helping find the fire I need. I will find that passion for her. And every night we are with each other through good and bad I will look in her eyes find her soul in her eyes and say you are beautiful.

I have made mistakes before, but now it’s time to make more of them until I trip and fall into the one I will marry. I have about 50 years left and I might not be given the time of day by some women, but I will express my love through the passion of my words and your heart will melt craving that passion and desire that I can only offer.

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