Love Revisited

What could I say? It is tough to do and get back from love when you got knocked down twice. I was down and I was going to regroup and come back, but something happened. I got back into the gym at WOW gym in Menlo Mall.

I stayed up till 5 AM psyched for my first session back after a few years and I hit the Cardio and ran for 15 minutes. Did some exercises left went to bed came back did 15 more minutes of Cardio and some exercises and left and I was thinking as I was eating my food today. I have that passion to write so fuck it how about I right.

After my defeat I took in life from all directions I’m hungry and as for love I have no fear. I will talk to whatever women is out there I will be respectful if they are married because I know how it is for someone to take my love away, but I going to do what AJ Styles does in wrestling now and that’s keep everyone on their toes.

I’ve got to step up my game everyone is getting their piece so that only means I have to step up and do a much better job then them. I’ve got to study, I’ve got to lift, I’ve got to train and I’ve got to run. I’m going to do what ever it fucking takes to succeed. I’ve got tired of being in losing battles. 

It’s time to make all the quote unquote losers at life and make them winners and most importantly make myself a winner. 

I could go through life and do what I’m doing or I can be the architect and frankly I’m tired of just being that person who settled for mediocre and has mediocre given to him. 

So starting now and this season I’m going to make some changes and I may be a hated man when it comes to men but it’s all in the game and when I up my game you got to do it yourself to. 

Fact is I’m hungry I’m looking for the woman who is going to keep up with me if you can and hey maybe we will have fun in the process.


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