We are human’s we all make mistakes. Rather it is someone you know and went out with and you aired out all the dirty laundry in public like I and many have. Mistakes, Like when you put all your trust and money into someone you  and I have might even love without meeting and for them not to be there. Mistakes, many including I have made many mistakes.

I have made many mistakes with my relationship and with romance along the way as many have. Some would say don’t be hard on yourself many have had those mistakes. Sometimes we would ask why do we actually go through those mistakes and make those mistakes. And we keep on asking why, even if it is a financial decision we can not complete and made a mistakes.

This year has been made full of mistakes. Mistakes that I will never get back and mistakes that can not be repaired.

When all these mistakes happen in life, you have to get up and learn from them. Fact is I have tried to recouperate from a break up this year and I needed to learn from what I went through. Fact is I was on a road to improving myself and this was supposed to be the summer of Joe but I feel for a woman who could not return that love and let me down despite what she will say. She was supposed to be out there at the airport, but never was there from problems she had.

I made a mistake and kept on making mistakes, but that has not stopped me to live.

I will kept on making mistakes through this lifetime and maybe others. Maybe I have never learned my lessons I have done and maybe I will self sabotage myself with love because I might have an opportunity for many loves and wind up with none. I leave a lonely road, but at least now I know I have support of friends who will help in our endeavors.

Money isn’t important to me in this lifetime. I might make it, but you have to ask what cause will be helped. We all have causes we fight for everyday and they get uncredited. We have causes that are forgotten because we face those abuses in life. People claim they have the answers, but I don’t have them all. It is why we need unity. We all face problems and we keep to ourselves never reaching out.

Sometimes we may never find those answers to those mistakes and we may live in regret our whole entire lives.

Sometimes we will have a dream and never fulfill it. This has been a good Summer a Summer of mistakes and a year of mistakes. I will restrategize with my friends on content for this blog. If I feel like writing something I will, but I am leaving on this blog until I can update on October.

Thank you for the support rather it was taking in that message. This blog has to restrategize a new direction for where this blog is going. It won’t be solely on romance. There are many issues in the world besides this. It will be on topics we all can relate to. I am strategizing with collegues, friends, and family on products that would satisfy you.

In October, I will give you an update. The keys to the future lives in the eyes of us and the people their is a lot going on in the world and a lot needs to be tackled before Election Day and after. Even though we can not influence which direction you will go. We can share ideas of what we went though that will help.

If I have wrong spelling I apologize. It is tough to get everything perfect and as this blog articles talks about it is not perfect.

Thank you for reading. Please comment tell me more about what content you would like to be discussed in this blog.

And please go to http://www.facebook.com/Josephevaldi for more updates on what I am working on as I will be going back to my podcast at Spreaker it is time to podcast again.

It has been an honor to blog for you this summer and some was good and some could use improvement. We all make mistakes.

Image by Owen Walters from unsplash.com


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