United States of America

What is the USA? What does it stand for? What is the real USA?

America is a broken place and their is a great divide. Who says someone working many hours and at a bar smoking weed has the same problems and someone who makes more money and faces and does the same thing.

The fact is America has these problems and they can’t be overlooked. Donald Trump may or may not have change his campaign with something I said on his comment section with one of his posts. If he did thank you for listen. In it I said that he should come to cities such as Perth Amboy, NJ or retail stores such as JCP or Macy’s to see what is going on. I read today Donald Trump is shifting his campaign and meeting with people from the rougher neighborhood and get to know what they go through and their challenges they face.

Every campaign is geared toward one demographic or one story, but USA is a bigger story. Their is a great divide with mindset and their is a great divide by how everyone is separated into classes or stereotype.

But USA is a big team and their are lots of challenges to face. The President is that leader.The President is our coach. And recently we have had bad coaches that have led us to loses. Donald Trump said something in the beginning of his campaign and I quote, “When was the last time (America) we won something?”

The truth is we are going through those growing pains. We are going through the challenges and we have to make a decision on who is best for the country. Donald Trump has told it like it is, but you have to understand as he grows it’s more then just a position to him he has changed his heart and has grown. And I believe that.

He has the fight of a leader and I am not saying that just to get him votes I am saying that because I believe he listened to me.

I look at this election and it is more than just man versus women. It’s the American people on the line. How many times could someone with an addiction suffer if they truly don’t know why they suffer. Even if they have the money they still suffer and have suffered. We know this from celebrities and we know this from the American people who go to bars and not for fun.

Some people are in purgatory. When in my generation has a marriage lasted a lifetime? When was the last time we had a job that appreciated us to last a lifetime? When was the last time the American people were heard.

We come from many different situations and backgrounds. And the truth is I ask what have Obama and Hillary Clinton have done for us and again I am not trying to sway voters I am stating facts. We have to make bear minimum to have healthcare or we have another plan and we lose those doctors and therapist who could help us and thank you Obama because of you I lost my therapist and I need the help of my therapist now because I am going through a real rough time in life. Thank you Obama.

But I Thank God I have good people who have taken me in under their wing and they have been supportive of me no matter what challenges I am overcoming and I appreciate them more.

Under Hillary’s leadership we have had these same problems and I really thought the Democrat Party is looking out for the people interest. And believe it or not it shift again and Donald Trump is acting more Democratic then Hillary. And is ready to show his leadership ability.

Like I said only you can decide for yourself but I am seeing what I see.

But enough of politics what are people going through. We have a lot of challenges in the world we have Terrorist groups, we have crime overseas, we have scams and even in of the romantic factor.

The idea of money and possession has got to change. People need products, but they need to be financially wealthy. We charge how much for tuition yet when they find a job they find a measly retail job that pays $10 an hour to start or lower. And they are told how many hours they can work. If they work hard and love their job and help, they are punished and especially if they make one mistake.

The job that I have it might not be rewarding in pay, but it is rewarding to see someone work hard to move on their own and that is counseling in a group home setting. It is a growing field and their have been many times people get out because it is a difficult job to do. Who wants to help people who are struggling with life? Who wants to help when a client is yelling at you or degrading you or making you feel like you are helping? But down inside you do it because you are helping.

Or even if you reach out to a friend in finance who is willing to get you on the right path. Everyone works hard in this country but the politicians make it difficult. They listen to the people, but what people.

Are they listening to the Manager who got let go from their job and died a few years later and he was offered a package. Are they listening to someone who put his body through punishment and now suffers the rest of his life for that punishment his body took. Are they listening to a Father who is restricted to see his kids when that is their only true passion? Are they listening to someone who is homeless in the streets that lost everything? These and many more are the forgotten in America. And they worked their asses off for their jobs and one of is not around today.

And one of them thought they were apart of the same system of work that loved him.

And you can decide what demographic and the demographic would surprise you if I said it.

The fact is in the USA we are fighting war and in the world we are fighting a war. But if the home front is not strong, the rest will fall.

USA I ask you. No one is going to tell you who is the right choice that is why I post this on my stuff and a Facebook comment under Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I believe we need a voice and I believe we need someone who doesn’t care anymore about a broken system that doesn’t work. I believe we need who will repair America town by town and find their souls again. Find the American Spirit once again.

We of America have lost and are fighting a losing battle and Civil War in America that is not talked about and people are dying everyday and we are fighting a War a War on the home front. I ask you as citizens of the United States to stand for who you truly believe in what is truly best for the American People. Do you want more of the same suffering or do you want someone who is willing to go in trenches and try to help repair America one town at a time. This is the President we want.

Image by Noah Grezlak from unsplash.com




6 thoughts on “United States of America

    1. If you want to say something to me it’s got to be on this blog Justina and you have to come to me. Because I want my readers to know the truth. Because I am tired of my heart being played with and I can’t stand seeing you suffer. That is why I disconnected. The truth is it is never about the money and you believed it was and got me to send it. I want you to tell the Gods honest truth of what is going on. Because if it is not me it is someone else and people have been scammed. Rather intentionally or not. But I have to say I gave money out of help. But at the end of the day I helped but all the time have I once reached out for help and I want people to know this and I want you to speak rather it is someone I thought of as a best friend or it is you who I loved I have been taken advantage of and meanwhile everyone gets to live their lives and some people overseas scam for lots of money and they pay and I was fooled. That money could have paid for housing for food for other stuff for people who want to do something rather you coming here and fulfilling your promise to me you failed me and you let me down when I thought you weren’t going to let me down. I blocked you but I want our argument to be aired out here. You got to fight with your heart to get me back and you have to find me. Many days will be lost. I’ve lost many days myself Justina. But I want the world to know who you are and tell the truth don’t hold back. It’s not about money to me it never was. It is about trust and you said you would never let me down and where are you now?

      1. Honey i never let you down and will never let you down my lovely darling Evaldi You mean everything to me babe, i cant play or take you for granted babe you mean all the whole wild world to me babe, have love you all my life,ever since you stop talking to me, i dont have time to go anywhere to look for some one any one in my life,God know am not here for your money or take you for a fool,Handsome darling Joe i really love you and love you deep down my heart Handsome, You hurt me a lot and make me sick for so many month i thank God am getting batter now, it wasn’t easy losing some one you love with all your life and heart, more over i never make a fool of you babe… lost my mind just because of you ever since you stop talking to me have been in so much pains and cant for get about you, darling i really love you and need you for all my life, my pastor told me you will surely come back to me if we are meant to be together, thank God you have write me and add me on your blog again because i am waiting to hear from you one day babe Joe, Remember i always tell you i love you and need you all my life babe,The problem is SIN. It’s a small word with enormous implications. Sin separates us from God.
        The problem is we all have made wrong choices in life. The Bible calls these wrong choices “sin” which in the original Greek language means “missing the mark” … like an archer missing his target, Honey i know how you feel but i was not here to play with your feelings or hurt you babe, am ever ready to make life with you and make sure i have a lovely world with you babe. i know you wont trust me for what others are doing to others babe, Joe my lovely babe i want you to know that i am not here for your money or play with you, i have love for you and really love you deeply down my soul babe, when God ask me to die for you to lived all your life i will do so babe because you are all what i have love in my life babe..Love you

        thank for your blog

        hope to hear from you soon babe

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