How precious is a second? It may be more precious then a lifetime. Once those seconds disappear, life may never be the same again. We are all punished by the cruelty of life where we trade time for money. And we suffer, we lose relationships in a span of a seconds time. We lose families when that time is lost and we don’t see them grow. We become so busy that we don’t appreciate the rare commodity of time.

And I look back at my age and I wish I could get time back and tell those who were there for me Thank You. I could run down the list and I may complain about others with protecting a dream such as yesterday, but time may pass and you don’t have those moments anymore.

Sometimes we are very selective of who enters our lives and choose. They don’t know the true value of Time. It I had all the time, I would give it to people that I care about. If I had all the time I get back all the time that I was with my ex, but that time is gone and we have drifted away. Some may ask why, but I never learned who to love or appreciate the value of time that I spent.

This year I was running everywhere after my breakup and I couldn’t even imagine that I find Justina which I am happy, but I learned a lot about loyalty and trust. I learned a lot about life. I learned from friends and spent time with friends that I wouldn’t have seen again just because they went through hell and wanted a better life.

I’ve met friends who took me in for a short period of time and are willing to help me to better my life.

I even met Justina this summer and even though the road was tough I am willing to travel all the way to see her and pick her up from the airport with my Dad and one of my close friends.

I have learned to value Time more then anything. I’ve learned about something valuable that I am willing to trade working some nights over night just to have the time during the day to spend with her.

I want to reach out to people I haven’t met in awhile just to catch up and meet. I know time is precious, but I will make a few minutes last a lifetime. I love life and I get frustrated when people aren’t appreciative of life and of time.

I’d give the world to see my grandparents again and I would give the world had my grandfather that I never met, I would have met.

I’d want time back. I want to be appreciative of life and I want to be appreciative of those I meet. And I except there are those that I never got along with to give them that opportunity in life. Every time I have felt bad, it was worth wild to help people if I could and it hurt to see time go. It hurt to see that time go away.

I may never get time back again and a transition is going to happen in my life. I have been fortunate to have my parents. They gave all the love that they could. I didn’t see what they did, but they did a lot. I couldn’t afford life, but they let me pursue my dreams. They let me fail in life and they let me plunder. They were not there to tell me what to do even my Dad lectured, but I was to stubborn to hear him lecture. I just wish I had taken his advice sooner. I wish I had more time to spend with him. I know he is getting up in age, but I would like that time.

I also wish I had more time to spend with my mom. I am always in a rush that I don’t stop to say much. and when I want to say something we have a difference of opinion. But I respect her fight in never giving in. It her fight that carries in me.

I may have 10 years or even less or maybe more. I just want to say Thank You for everything you have done for me. I might not have seen it, but I appreciate it. I just wish I could take back the past and I wish I could have all the moments to spend.

I know time is precious. in less then 48 hours when my new life will start rather I am prepared or not and as she said it is in God’s hands.

I pray to God can you give me my time back. I want to spend it with those who are dear to me. I don’t want to waste time anymore. Time is so valuable to me more then a dollar bill. I want to spend it with those who care about me and I care about them.

I know I make mistakes and I am not perfect. God can you give me my time back. Can you make this life a life of meaning and purpose and let me help those in need, but letting me spend time with those that I care about. I want my Time back.

Image by Sonya Langford


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