Stepping Out of The Shadow

You grow and you can’t be afraid to ask for help. Your family will be there for you in moments of need. They although they might not be there for you always. They will be there. They will be there to take you on a long trip to bring someone in your life. Even though we have argued I know their intentions were always for the best.

Maybe I have never understood the value of what my Dad taught me, maybe I never picked up because I was to stubborn to learn all that he has done or my parents have done. Such things as paying the bills every months to afford a way of life so I can have those opportunities to know what I have to do to live. They don’t know but they have showed me more by them not showing me anything and having me learn for myself. Even though my Dad has taught me the values of hustle and working to live, he has also taught me to be a man.

Many people don’t have a parent figure or parent figures in their life or don’t any more. I am lucky to have my parents. Just know whatever I do with my life I will be ok. I’ve got to step out from the shadows to be my own man.

I know life isn’t easy. I’m a living testament of that, but in order to do what I want in life and be hungrier than ever before I’ve got to be on my own. I have to work my ass off for that dream. I’ve got to be willing to travel the world for that dream.

I was always afraid to travel, but I know I won’t be alone. I know I will have help along the way. I know I might not have many moments to spend with my family and I am always busy doing my own thing, but I will spend that time with my dad learn everything I need to learn in order to step out of the shadows. And I know life will be different and life will change, but it is life nothing stays the same and you have to face that change eventually.

Everybody wants to stay the same, but nobody wants to except that challenge of being free. This is more than just love, it what I’ve got to do to be a man.

I have been living on a free ride my whole life only paying some bills, but I have never had that opportunity to live on my own. I have to be willing to pay that price to be free even if I don’t have everything handed to me. I am not ready for that transition, but my life is calling me. It’s calling me to be in a place that wants to live and even though their are fears you have to step out of the shadows.

I heard a couple speak at a seminar on Saturday. She was second generation in the business and her Dad was well known in the company. She had everything given to her by her Dad because her Dad wanted the best for her, but as she met her husband, he taught her the value of being your own person and living and stepping out of the shadows. Each person in the couple felt one way was better then the other until they worked together for the sake of the business.

She stepped out of the shadows.

I have also ways been in the shadows of people who have tried to protect me from getting hurt and moving forward. They have meant well and they have taught me the valuable information, but I have to be my own man and I have to live on my own and I have to make mistakes that others have made to learn from them.

I have to be prepared to fail at life and I have to be prepared for that rejection. If I don’t have failure and rejection no matter what anyone in the world tells me from spiritual healer, to mentor, to friends, to family member, and even loved one and as Bill Britt said You have to be willing to protect your dream no matter what anyone tells you and you have to go on what you feel is right to be free.

This Spring to Summer I have been through Defeat in Spring I thought my world ended as we split I didn’t say it then, but I thought we would patch things up, but I was wrong. And I meet someone new that I will meet in two days, the first part was about romance, but the last part was growing into a man and this summer prepared me.

Life isn’t easy for most and we plug away, but some are called for a life anyone can dream of and some may fall asleep on that vision and never wake up.

I want to live my dream and be awake and I wish to share my vision with others. But first I have to be a person that people respect. I have to be my own man. I have been in the shadows for to long, Now it’s time to see the light of day and show what I am capable of and world will know my story, the story of me. The story of where I came from. The story of living everyday in pain and not being happy. The story of having that empty feeling inside always wanting more. Now God has given me the ball and he wants to see how far I go with that ball.

God will guide me through the shadows to see the light day, but this time I won’t be alone in the battle.

I’m sorry this couldn’t go on, but I have to go to work. But remember this life isn’t guaranteed you may fail many times, but at the end of all those failures will be the biggest success. The Earth was a failed project and look how great it is. This is how we should be happy to live in this world. And thank God for that success. Thank You Again.

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