Love is Doing What You Want, Not Doing What You Don’t Want

Sometimes in life we may fall short of our dreams and don’t do what we want to do. Love is doing what you want, not doing what you don’t want. And if you don’t want, you sacrifice to do what you want.

The truth is we have faced many dreams through pain. We have had people push us the wrong way. Maybe it is going to a job we don’t want or maybe it’s dealing with a job that you can’t get along with the people, they are miserable all the time and their is that one boss that you can’t stand. You just do the job because you tolerate the pain and are willing to settle because you resist change with a passion.

Whoever had a job like this say I. I will be the first to raise my hand. I’m referring to my old job. But work is work and it’s better to work and have money work for you so you will have the time to do the things you love or you will do what you hate and be a slave until you are well into your 70’s and you struggle to do work.

Frankly if it was up to me I would retire today and than work on my fortune and do charity work. A lot of times we don’t have that option and we struggle, but what if that option was given to you would you take it. Would you be the first to do what it takes to succeed and work hard towards by doing and learning a few simple steps.

The business I am involved in running, I work with mentors who have helped me along my journey. They have encouraged me to read again, or they have encourage me to do calls or reach out to contacts. The don’t pressure me to do it, because they want to know I am putting my best effort involved with the business, but I have to be interested in their attention. Their time is valuable. They want to make every second count in the day.

In life you have to be willing to face the challenges that are needed. You can do something that you don’t like or it is possible you can do that for a little bit and sacrifice and then change it. And do what you love to do with the right mentorship.

When your back is against the wall and you are struggling to succeed in life you have got to face every challenge. You are going to have to face every obstacle and you are going to have to challenge all the naysayers who don’t think you will succeed doing what you love.

Do what you love anyway. If you believe strongly in an idea do it anyone. At the end of the day as was said in a meeting I went to are your friends going to pay your bills or are you.

So if it is an idea that you love and believe in do it and if they discourage you, use that as the fuel and fire to do what you love.

You may even have good intentions, but you are the only one that will look in the mirror every day and face yourself. You are going to have to face your family and you are going to have to face your families family. So you might as well work your ass off to do what you love.

If it’s owning a business do it, if it’s writing do it. And you may have to do whatever it takes to fulfill that dream and it may not be an overnight thing. Dan Millman said, “An overnight success will take 10 years.” Which means you don’t arrive overnight and it takes time.

But as said by Darren Hardy of The Compound Effect every little effort builds up and snowballs like a locomotive engine that goes. In the beginning it is slow, but once it goes, just like momentum, it can’t stop.

In time you will be rewarded life will what you do and you will get respect. They will respect you for your effort and they wonder how you will do what you do. They might not agree with what you do. However, put that effort in and fight for what you believe fight everyday. Fight with no end and fight to hold onto that dream. Fight like no end. It’s that dream at the end of the night that keeps you alive and you have to fight to protect it as was said in The Pursuit of Happyness (Widescreen Edition).

Life is what you make it. You can do what you hate or you can do what you love. And sometimes you might have to do the things you don’t enjoy to get there and maybe you will enjoy it.

Do what you love? You only live once and work very hard for that dream. Tomorrow will not last forever and that dream you protect will flourish if you let it.

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