“It’s a New Day, Yes It is”


You may ask me why I would entitle this blog. “It’s a New Day, Yes it is.” Maybe it’s to pay homage to the tag team champs of the World The New Day. Or maybe is to use their theme song for this blog which it is.

Because in the spirit of the New Day it is a New Day. Your Back might be against the wall. You might have insurmountable odds and as this song says in gospel like fashion you can face the insurmountable odds and accomplish your dreams.

Rather it is a love that is far away or it is an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. There are challenges in life and there are struggles that put your backs against the wall and this is what I say. Do you let it? Do you let all the baggage that you are carrying affect you on climbing to your goal?

Do you let your emotions, your friends,  families or loved ones affect you for those dreams. You know you are doing the right thing and you can’t listen to anyone except from with in.

That is why I entitle this blog “It’s a New Day, Yes it is.” Because it is a New Day. It’s a New Day at  life. It’s a New Day to do what you love. It’s a New Day to become what you want in life. And even if want it is a New Day to eat Booty-O cereal.

It’s literally a  New Day to do what you want. Sure there might be a lot of challenges and their might be life stresses that get you into the problems that life has in store, but understand this is also a New Day. A New Day for life and A New Day to make life worth wild.

You can face life’s challenges and fail or you can succeed. You can take that insurmountable odd and tell it to fuck off I’m going to do what I want to do. “This is a New Day, Yes it is.”

And at the end of the New Day. You will be ready to sleep and have a New Day all over again. As the day unfolds and challenges arise, whatever they are you will be able to face it and I know life is dark and gloomy as was pointed out with the New Day and the Wyatts storyline and as the world shows.

There are cancers, their are addictions, their is problem with money, their are problems with life and their is ugliness, but are you going settle with a life that is unsatisfying or are you going to face those challenges and are you going to live life.

Tomorrow definitely isn’t guaranteed, but today is a New Day and you make it what it is. And you can live a life you want. And there is no doubt their will be struggles, but you can face struggles with a right frame of mind and let the New Day Take hold.

In honor of The New Day. “It’s a New Day, Yes it is.”

Image by Frank Park from unsplash.com


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