Follow Through Despite The Troubles

Sometimes our back is against the wall and their is no hope in site. Sometimes your clinging on to a dream and get frustrated that it will never happen. Sometimes you lose despite that challenge you face.

Whatever it is life deals us blows. Rather it is someone from a distance who can’t come here right away or your working a business, self employed and employed. The task of life is not an easy one.

Anybody who has followed my blog this year has known I have been through a rocky road this year. I was told to delete a post about an ex from the ex because it was to personal and I could reveal details of what was going on. I understood what was going on at the time I was going through the rocky road and even though I had support. I never felt so alone in my life. There was many times that I had wished I compromise my situation.

The fact is I couldn’t figure out myself at the time. I became out at the time and I could never appreciate home and I didn’t know what I was searching for. I was searching. There was a time that I felt I could have got any woman I wanted after my cold and my birthday. But was my true objective anyway I had been scared. Scared of the person who I was becoming. I was literally afraid that I would be with how many women even though I was with none.

It was only until the end of June I had found someone online and than my world changed. I had the passion and fire with my blogger and the passion last, but the longer it gets that I am not with her it turns into pain and I know she feels the same. There are legal things to get underway before she comes here so it has been painful and she can vouch for that.

Just as life is there are delays before you are rewarded and there has to be persistence through challenges. Many people can tell my demeanor has changed as something is missing, but I know it will return.

The fact is whatever obstacle and whatever challenge I am willing to face it. And whatever situation there is I am willing to overcome whatever obstacle that needs to be done. I know there are many challenges and I know their is stress and I know hell will pour upon me, but I will go through hell to get to paradise and I am will to go through the desert to get to the Promise Land if I have to.

The fact is life is full of challenge and obstacles, but what is another challenge if you don’t overcome what needs to be done. What is a challenge if you don’t put your all in and rise above hell to get there. It’s true the Devil put’s obstacles in the way, but you have to be willing to challenge the Devil to walk to Paradise and the Promise Land.

I know life wasn’t made easy for me and I could point fingers, but the only one that I’m pointing at is myself. I am improving everyday and despite how many blogs I do, or whatever I do I will fight life and I will live and I will live my dream no matter what it is.


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