Basics of Starting a Business

Robert Kiyosaki defined the four quadrants best when he discussed in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad about the employee, self employed, owning a business, and investing. We generally want to be on one side of the quadrant rather then the other, but either or business take a lot of work.

Recently I have just started a franchise business and just like any job there are details. Details of knowing what to do when there is a sale, details of making phone calls, details of uploading website or registering a company. There are details. But with anything in life there is a need to get thing right, but as I was watching a video by the late Bill Brit you can’t be afraid to fail and you have to welcome it.

In this business their will be many times where their will be failure and their will be rejection and you won’t succeed. But there will be times where you will have a success within the many you try.

The business I am involved with involved old school methods with today’s technology and it is person to person. Rarely in today’s society we have a chance to do that and I like the companies model of the franchise.

Today we are caught up with our phones, with our friends, family, significant other, or work or internet that we lose site of meeting another person. We generally become afraid to meet people in public and tell people what we are doing. We are afraid to tell people our story and our dreams in life. And we have become prisoners of dreams not fulfilled.

Sometimes that is why I embark this journey in all reality I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sometimes in life we are afraid to take those chances and we are afraid to succeed or do those things that are needed.

I have learned from my mentor and the team that life is full of dreams and it is possible for those dreams to be fulfilled.

Maybe one day my dream of going to Europe and seeing England, Ireland, and Scotland and going to Italy will one day be fulfilled.

Dreams keep us going in life without dreams we are not fulfilled. You can be laying there on your death bed and have regret saying you didn’t fulfill your dreams and ask why. Or you can ask Why now and start to work to build those dreams. The choice is up to you.

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