The Other Side of Love: Planning and Strategy

A lot last month I focused on the euphoria of love and that passion is needed. The truth is I was coming off of a cloud and didn’t want to listen to anyone. I was stubborn and was going to hold onto that feeling. Then I crashed do to stress and had to regroup.

Like I said yesterday, Sacrifice is the father of the relationship. There needs to be planning and strategy. There needs to be a goal in mind. Many couples put themselves first over the other. Rather it is addiction they can’t crack or the gamble for their love with a hope of making a score. Many bad decisions can be made for life. And their is no vision. One person is doing one thing while the other is doing another. They don’t get together sit down a devise a plan.

I am saying this because someone who helped me become a part of a business sat down and broke down a plan for me. A plan that can be accomplished and worked towards. And I just broke even with a little ahead.

However I had not planned for the future I had half assed it. I hadn’t had an engine to succeed, but I believe I can build for the future. I have to start with myself. For the past 4 months my financial life has been in turmoil do to a break up. I kept on going out all the time and spending on eating out, or sodas or water or tips. I had been careless in life.

I was chasing after women who I had not been compatible with in search of finding something. And then something came out of the blue unexpected in Justina.

She in away became my insurance policy. I’m willing to put the past behind me and officially put an end to a chapter, but we need to devise a plan. If we devise a plan we will improve our lives tremendously. We will see the future which might not be guaranteed. We will see a future that is needed. It can develop a plan for what is needed to be done. An outcome a vision plan.

The Secret talked a lot about the Law of Attraction and they talked about a vision board as Terri Savelle Foy discusses about a lot with dreams and goals. Dreams and goals have got to be written on paper for me it works because I see it and plan towards it.

I had been living a mediocre life because I planned on making it mediocre. I have no ones fault besides my own. I’ve made mistakes, but I can build with my woman for the future.

Rome wasn’t built in a day the truth is you need to build for that future. their are mentors that will guide you to a better future you just have to see who is in your circle and if you have what it takes to get there.

Will you read a book? Sacrifice to travel? Will you get there? It will lead you to the promise land if you let it and you sacrifice to get there. This is the truth.

Planning will lead you or any couple to their goal. Sometimes they feel about their immediate pain like me and Justina did and didn’t see the future. Maybe with a different perspective in the situation a smarter business like and plan, the future will be revealed in that vision.


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