Monthly Update for August 2016

Sacrifice: Is how bad you are willing to pay the price to get what you want in life? In a team it takes negotiating to get there. Sacrifice is not a one way street. As much as I preach the beauty of love last month, there is a reality and pain to do with love. You can be in love with someone and start to doubt that person and what they stand for. They may be honest and sincere, but actions of the outside world will get you to doubt the situation.

Meanwhile things spur up with someone else where there is possibility or there are possibilities everywhere. You are not limited to just having one person. But sacrifice leads you to do what needs to be done. How bad do you want something in life? What is the price you are going to pay to get there? God knows I’m paying my price, but for someone to truly show their love in something or someone, they are going to have to sacrifice as well to.

The theme of this month is Sacrifice. I will discuss more of this at the end of the blog.

First let me discuss what happened last month on the blog. I introduced Justina Johnson to the team at And both me and her created that passion to spark this blog and us needed. We wrote with Passion. Passion was the theme of last month. And we both shared that passion for each other in a major way and ended the month with a question mark?

We both made July feel like February and love will be shared. And it was the intangible love. We could see it, but we couldn’t taste it. It was in the distance. We both wanted bad to touch each other, but couldn’t and we are trapped in that dilemma. And how human nature is when someone is not around someone else could easily step into the picture and take what that person is working for away. It is nothing personal against that person.

We see this in relationships all the time. A woman is left to take care of the kids while the husband works. A guy just steps into the picture and give the life to a woman when the guy is not around or at the same time a guy get ticked off at his situation because his woman doesn’t give him the love and sex that he craves, so the man seeks elsewhere to fulfill his sexual needs.

Then there leads to divorce. In a podcast that I did on The Joseph Evaldi Podcast, my two friends John and Ben and I were discussing about the reality of breakups and they added an interesting take on divorce. It can be found The Male Perspective of Relationships with Friends from the KOA Campgrounds in the Pocanos at this link. They discuss in classic fact what men go through in relationships and divorce and they added an interesting perspective to breakups and divorce and what happens and what they went through from experience.

The fact is sacrifice takes a lot. How bad do you want it? How bad do you want something in life? Are you willing to take the sacrifice needed to make it succeed? You can make a sacrifice or another person, but what are you going to do?

Sacrifice is everything. It is the other part of love. One that is discussed after all the passion fades. It is what is that person going to do to do what it takes.

Sacrifice is not a one way street even though some people get taken advantage of. Rather they are being honest and sincere or not. The truth is in sacrifice and commitment, you can’t jump into something without seeing the options.

The truth is the love and passion maybe good, but it’s going to take sacrifice in order for it to succeed. The reality is people sacrifice everyday. They work pay for rent and everything else and they try to work as a team. Then the other winds up taken advantage of the other. Rather it is holding that person hostage and lying to all of the other persons friends for year to hold that person hostage, or it is having your marriage destroyed because one of your thought of friends was going to destroy that relationship and take that persons wife. Or it’s someone that comes in online and says they will offer the world and come in destroying a 6 fucking year relationship. Now it is no longer together. And I am introduced to the game again and sacrifice plays a role in that to.

A relationship isn’t just love. It is a home, expenses, bills, work, money, and if you have kids, kids. This is the true relationship. It is no wonder why couples wind up in a divorce nowadays or breakup. The reality is there is a degree of passion, but their has to be sacrifice. You can’t have people doing stuff for you without doing something.

How bad do you want it? Main reason why my old relationship did not work is their was not one once of fight to save it. No compromise and nothing. No loyalty. That’s why if someone wants bad enough they are going to have to go through hell to get to me. My love is not given for free and I shouldn’t have to pay to get it.

Love is earned. Love is earned when a person pays that price. How bad do you want it? You may have that feeling of love, but when life hits love turns ugly and my friends discussed it on the podcast and that can’t be denied.

So should I pay an arm and a leg for something that may not be guaranteed at the end or should I choose someone who has understood how hard it is to live on their own and would fight for that freedom and had a taste of it just for it to get taken away and had their life taken away, or someone else I should be free and not in debt or in prison to someone.

All the stuff with passion I said was true. But there is a price involved. It takes sacrifice. How much are willing to put on the line to make that sacrifice for that person. How much are you willing to put on the line for love that not guaranteed. What will you do for love to make that ultimate sacrifice.

These values aren’t taught anymore and they are not seen in the world anymore. In the Greatest Generation, the people who made America they had that sacrifice they were in relationships that lasted 40, 50, 60 years. They were willing to do what it takes to make that marriage to survive. My parents have been married 41 years and those years weren’t pretty they faced hell on earth, but they worked together as a couple to do what it takes. They have taught the values of relationship even if I didn’t see eye to eye with them.

They worked as a team the way a couple does. Many couples don’t have that sacrifice now a days. 50% of marriages and as my friend said in the podcast it might be 80% don’t succeed and go through their turmoil.

It takes sacrifice how bad are you going to sacrifice to get what you want in life how bad do you want something to get their. What is it going to take? What do people do when their backs are against the wall. My back has been against the wall my whole life. I have people criticizing me for the way I live my life and you know who you are.

Sacrifice is needed in a world that is paved with hell. Where Passion is bliss and emotional, Sacrifice is the pit of hell and it is paved with a road to misery until you fulfill your end goal.

Their will be hard times and their will be pain, but this is in a shot of love. Passion may be the mother in relationships, but Sacrifice is the Father in relationships. Sacrifice is Saturn. It is a cruel and punishing father. It doesn’t let you rest until your lesson is learned and I’m not sure our lessons are ever learned.

The theme of this month is Sacrifice. And both me and Justina will be relentless in showing our views of Sacrifice. I will also get another blogger on his name is undetermined at this time, but he will add views to as he will like. He will start this month or in September.

Enjoy the drama that takes hold this month this is the sign of Leo and Leo takes center stage. This drama will come to a fold this month.

Sacrifice: How Bad Do You Want Something in Life?

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