Act in Law of Attraction

For the past month I’ve been discussing about love and the feeling of love such as Justina. Nobody knows the pain of not being together and temptations enter the picture. Rather it’s from advice of your friends and family to pursue you different saying that it is not the best decision to make or be careful. The fact is we have attracted these situations because we have merely thought about it.

Sometimes we have to act with the law of attraction. If we don’t act, we may regret that life. We may later regret that we are not with that someone and we will attract loneliness. Have you ever been half assed into someone that all your attention wasn’t going towards one person that they turned out and broke your heart and you saw the love in their eyes for the other person. When something great is just at your foot steps. In a way, it is Serendipity.

You come to realize you have attracted that pain in your life only to appreciate something in someone that is waiting for you.

Just as I was down about my situation I got advice from someone who said don’t listen to anyone go on what you feel on the inside. Go on your heart.

She didn’t know much about my situation and other’s have persuaded me to attempt me to make the wrong decision, when I have someone great ready to see me and be with me. It is attraction and sometimes you have to do the things that don’t make sense in order to do it.

Other situations might not work for someone and all of it might be true and you have to go on what your heart says and act on it. If you don’t act on what you do you will be screwed as Ben said in my podcast.

But you have to work and take the long shot in life and take that risk. You might be jumping hard into a situation without being prepared and it will change you.

You just have to see what direction God takes you in and you need to act with life. Things maybe the way you want or maybe the way someone wants, but you have to what direction life takes you in. Only God truly knows the path for you. Rather it is an ex fiancée that pops up and surprises you. Or someone sitting on the other side of the room or someone you want to share that intimacy with on the deepest level. It is not easy being me. And understand I truly want to be loyal to the one I am with It’s just as it appears love will appear everywhere. And that is the thing that scares me. Just as one option is done there are 10 more that appear. Just understand what I go through.


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