Fighting With Passion

I’m going to change gears in this blog. The Title of this blog is Fighting With Passion. The truth is in life for anything that we believe in rather it is love, family, friends, job, church, or any of our pursuit. We have to be vigorously to be able to fight with that passion we believe in.

We might be backed against the wall. We might be put down with our dreams. And others tell us we should do things a certain way because it didn’t work for them. As a result, doubt enters your head like a black plague entering the night.

And once we hear these thoughts it questions our beliefs. People want the best for you, but next thing you know you are a prisoner of your home because you don’t take any chances in life.

There is risk in life. Nothing is guaranteed. Relationships aren’t guaranteed. Become number 1 in the company might not happen. People maybe mulling around in that miserable life because they never took that chance.

The fact is anyone who was a great success in life has failed many times. They failed at relationships, they failed at parenthood, they failed at their jobs, and they failed at life. They were told their passion and a dream would never amount to something. The greatest failures didn’t give up. They fought. Rather it was repairing a damaged relationship through earning respect or it was building a Billion dollar Franchise by going door to door and selling a recipe.

The fact is you’ve got to be a failure in life. Many people are afraid that the other person will follow in their footsteps and they give advice and they are dead on. It is true to look at the reality of the situation, but I don’t look at the reality I’m a dreamer.

Why do I dream? Because I set the goal for the outcome. I could see the big picture. I could see that I will be doing this as hobby into retirement and through retirement. I know my back is against the wall because companies don’t care about your success even some friends and when you are on the top. They will ask you for your help and when you are on the bottom they make your life miserable. These are the jobs that expect you to survive on 6 to 12 hours a week because there are no hours and you know who you are. Kicking you while you are already down.

My friend said something that rang a bell when he talked to me and he said life is a cruel world and people are out for themselves, but I believe differently. I believe that life can be changed one by one. It is impossible for the world to change all at once, when there was a Gandhi there was a Hitler living in this world. However, in the same time there was a Hitler, there was a Gandhi.

There is a balance in life. And people can fulfill their dreams, but they have to have the passion to fight for them.

They truly don’t know the integrity and passion of an individual. There is risk in life things don’t work out it’s true, but their is work of broken love. If you lose your family to a divorce. If you lose a job and lose your house. If you lose everyone you love and are alone to an addiction that has killed you on the inside. You are going to have to fight for what you believe in. You are going to have to believe that you can fight for what you want in life.

And you are going to have to walk through hell to get there. You are going to have to go through something fierce to cling onto that belief and you are going to have to do whatever it takes to get there.

There will be suffering in life. God knows we all face it and we just follow our scripts. But we need to have the courage to stand up and face whatever fears we are having and be open about it. Sometimes we lose a lot because we are open and honest and many aren’t prepared for that truth, but we have to be prepared to fight for that passion.

Our passion for our life maybe the only thing keeping us going. Our passion in another may keep us going. But the truth is if you don’t love yourself first you are going nowhere and sometimes relationships come when you aren’t truly healed, but we all are mending a broken heart. We just have to be able to repair the broken heart as we learn and grow together.

Passion in life is something that matters. We all go through pain and we all face a reality in the world that is not certain. Everywhere in the world there a people who live the fears and live in regret by what they have done and they fight so hard others don’t make the same mistakes as them. These are the brothers or friends we have and they hid their defeats but don’t want others to live those mistakes.

Why would you want to take that chance of facing the fear? It is because in life you have to take chances and I’m not just talking about relationships. I’m talking about life. To quote Brock Lesnar a little bit You have to Eat Sleep Read and Repeat. You have to be hungry everyday to live. You have to want it and as Rocky said in Rocky Balboa “Life is not roses and sunshine. It will beat you up if you let it.”

And you have to be willing to fight knowing that hell will be raining and at your footstep. You could live a secure life, but You’re going to have to be willing to die for the same passion that you believe in.

It’s going to be a fight like no other. You will have everyone getting in your head tearing you how many different directions, you just have to be willing to carry on that fight rather it’s eating, sleeping or taking care of yourself, you do it.

We are not granted tomorrow and we could live a life of regrets as many of us do, or we are going to have to be willing to fight for what we believe in no matter what hell we have to go through. It hurts, but you have to do what you have to do. Nobody truly understands your pain until you tell them your hell. And it’s at times like this we fight for life.


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