As night has fallen and I look toward my dreams
An image of you arrives it seems
As I fall into restless sleep a vision appears
There you are standing, my eyes fill with happy tears
You walk up and hug me, a gentle embrace
My tears are resolved and a bright smile replaced
You tell me that you love me and I say I love you too
Our hearts fill with joy ’cause we know that it’s true
We talk of tomorrows, our hopes and our dreams
Of being together forever it seems
Then just when I’m ready to love you again
I wake from my sleep and realize where I am
I’m so far away, I almost forgot
It all seemed so real that it left me this thought
If you believe in dreams, then you’re going to find
That dreams are just realities of our subconscious minds
So don’t worry Joe because you’re not gone forever
I’ll just sleep again tonight
And bring us back together


Image by Teddy Kelley from





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