Just a Day or Every Day?

Today, billions of people all over the world expressed their love to the people they love and care for by sending them cards, taking them out, spending time with them, sending them gifts, and so on. But my idea of love is not something that should be expressed once in a year but every single day. I believe in living and walking in love. I do not believe in talking the talk but in walking the walk. Anybody can talk about it, but very few can really live it out. My challenge as a Christian is not preaching what I believe but living out what I believe.

Love is something that we are not something that we do. But it expresses itself in something that we do. It’s the very essence of our lives. God is love. Love is the very life of God. Our love for God is demonstrated in our love for every single person that crosses our path. The more we love God, the more we love the people around us. Giving is an expression of love. It is impossible to love without giving. Love is a verb not a noun. It is an action word. I can’t afford to wait for just a single day in a year to show my love to the people I love and cherish so much in the world. I believe in showing my love in words, thoughts, and deeds to the people that I hold so dear in my heart every single day of my life. So every day is my valentine day. Got what I mean?

Love is difficult to define yet easy to recognize. The more of it you give away, the more of it you have. The less you demand of love, the more it will bring to you. The fewer conditions you place on love, the more perfectly it will suit you, and the more meaningful it will become. Love can make a powerful, positive difference whenever it is present, and everything flourish in the atmosphere of love. Love can work its miracle in every corner of your life. Give love to another and you forge a connection that empowers you both. Love the world around you and it will become more beautiful as a result. Love what you do and you become considerably more effective. Add love to knowledge and you’ll have wisdom. Love life itself and you’ll always find ways to give real meaning to every moment.

I have come to understand that we do not love people because they are beautiful but people become beautiful because we love them. We do not love people because they are perfect but love propel us to see the as perfect. Love changes the way we view everything in this life. It compels us to think different, talk different, act different and live different. There is no pain that love can not heal, no obstacle that it can not overcome, no weakness that it can not strengthen, no darkness that it can not lighten up, no shortcoming that it can not overlook, no wrong that it can not right, and no broken heart that it can not mend. The more loving we are, the more Christ-like we become. The world does not really understand the real meaning of love because they do not know the One that is Love. Let’s live in the atmosphere of love every single day of our lives not just once in a year.

Sweetheart, love is not a resting place, but a moving, a growing, and a working together. Love naturally returns love. Love is a growing thing; it all depends on how we nurture it. Love can be said, shown, and given in countless ways. To have more love; give more love. Since we know that the love we share is so pure, so true, and so perfect, we have to be ever ready to pay any price and go any distance to make sure we nurture it and watch it grow into a glorious relationship. We should never forget that God is more interested in our relationship that we do. He is a loving Father and He wants nothing but the very best for us. He is right behind us every step of the way. Sweetheart, it can only get better!

Honey, I’m deeply and passionately in love with you! To be truthful, just when I thought my life was perfect, that life couldn’t get any better, you came into my heart and showed me a brand new world of happiness! You reached out and touched the deepest part of me, a place that no other has ever been before. Mere words just do not seem adequate to describe the feelings that I hold in my heart for you. So how can I tell you how much I love you and what you mean to me? I don’t think I can, so for the rest of my life I plan to show you my love in as many ways as I possibly can! You are my love forever.

Honey, I want to let you know that you are the love of my life. You everything I ever wanted in life. You are my only one. It’s you and you alone. I will love forever. I will love you through out eternity and a day!. I will live with ONLY YOU, share with ONLY YOU, learn with ONLY YOU, and grow with ONLY YOU for the rest of my life. If there is one face I really want to see every day of my life, one smile that makes a difference in everything that I do. If there is one joy, one love that I desire to have forever, it’s YOU – that special someone in my world, my life, my heart! I’ve chosen to be exclusively yours for the rest of my life. No body can take your place in my heart. You really mean more to me than all the words in the world put together can ever express. Always and forever is what my love for you means to me.

Sweetheart, I’m so thankful to God for making you a part of my life. You are just a dream to me; a dream to speak to, a dream to share with, and a dream to call my own. I love you for accepting and loving me for who I am. I love you for not giving up on me. Thanks for keeping me close at your heart and making all the difference in my life. I love you for erasing my fears and raising my spirit. Do tell me the truth when I need to hear it. Walk beside me and zap my back to reality whenever I’m right over the top. You make me feel safe enough to trust you, safe enough to live for you, and safe enough to die for you. You deserve nothing less, but God’s most precious gift to me my eternal love and my priceless friendship. I Love you so much!

Image by Frank Park from unsplash.com

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