The Declaration of Joe

I give respect about The Declaration of Independence, this is the Declaration of Joe.

This weekend on vacation I had fun I was on my own living with friends. I was in the mountains living in a tent for one day and I survived with bugs and everything else. It was a testament that I could survive away from family.

I care for family and I do respect their rules, but my generation was the one that said fuck the rules we will create our own. In our generation we have seen the rise of the internet and everything else. They created blogger like me and Justina sharing our passion for each other and for life. We want so bad to be free that the forces of the Universe and rules are trying to keep us apart. For all where is someone wonderful such as her going to go. Someone will say that it is a scam don’t bother with it, some are saying be careful you might fall into a trap and they will hook you, some don’t even give a shit about fighting for their old love because they had their passion fade out on me, Some such as money keep me at a poverty level because they have nowhere to go and can’t be free.

Instead some people like me live with their parents cling onto old rules and an old school thought fighting and clinging onto life that it has with my brother able to travel the world if he wants.

Why am I a prisoner of this life. I have been living with this pain for awhile. Rather it was being bullied throughout my life or abused by a close friend. Nobody actual saw my reality or was their to financial help except parents who helped me because I couldn’t help myself.

Was it wrong with me. Why am I supposed to suffer when everyone was attacking me since day one. Now they live their lives as I am heavily restricted. For once I want to be wild and free just that wild horse. I want to be free. I want to be free. And I want to be free with Justina.

Both of us as many want to be free and isn’t this the idea of this country to be free. She wants to come over here because she so desperately wants to be free. Free to express that love that she desires and craves just like me. She wants to be a success in this country and this country is founded on freedom as written in the Declaration of Independence.

Meanwhile you have rich tycoons such as Donald Trump running for President living in whatever house he wants even the White House if he wants.

I live in another white and as much as it can be the purest color it is cold. I have felt cold and indifferent as my parents believed that I should go to them. I should respect them and I do, but I need to be fully free. Free of that clutter in the house not as bad as hoarders. Free from the restricted rules that would make me a prisoner that I can’t truly experience the love that I want. I will be a prisoner of life that Justina might live in the streets because of these rules and she is such a great person.

Yes in Ghana they do look for love and money and scam, but she is different. She is genuine and expresses love on the deepest level as I do for her.

I will be free and once I am I will change the rules in this world so we can love and not prisoners of it. Many don’t survive because they are not given that change and are charged fucking $300 a month for health care and I am Part Time. I can’t afford to live on my own as many of us are in my screwed generation. Since our role models were screw ups we became screw ups. And they screwed us putting many of us in the mental health system. Rather in patient, out patient or in group homes where they are not allowed to have sex partners in their room and this is the system we live in.

How are we supposed love when we are prisoners of it. It is no wonder why you have hate around in this world and they believe the way they do.

We have been fucked. Fucked by everyone. Your telling me I am doing my job to get buy.

When I have an opportunity to build my business which I will do.

This is my Declaration of Joe. I will be free and I will have Justina with me and rather it is exgirlfriend, jealous people in my life, or anyone else even parents who don’t believe in it. I will make passionate love with her and it will feel like my best night in this world.

The forces of the universe might be against us, but nothing will keep us apart. We will be free.

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